I can't wait to write about my awesome Thanksgiving Break!!
It was fantastic, and I wish I had had a camera to take pictures with.... but (I got one for Christmas... but... let's just pretend I don't know about it!)
So, I'll be stealing pictures from everyone :)
Have a lovely day!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



Hehehe, second night in a row, baby!!



What has got up me up this late?
Yes... but mainly, procrastination..
I told myself, "You are not going to procrastinate on this project!"
What did I do?
Yeah, that.
I'm starting to think I don't know how to not procrastinate.. which is really bad..
And I have a history project too :)
But that won't be too hard.
I get to watch the patriot.
So for now, I need a shower, I need to clean up my mess from part of the project, I need sleep, but I will probably dream about Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Yeah.. this guy:

But maybe tomorrow I'll dream about (after having watched the Patriot)...
this guy.....

What? where did all these pictures of Heath Ledger come from??
I wasn't stalking him at 1 am...
okay okay!
SO I was!
But hey, you shouldn't be complaining :)
Hopefully I can get up in the morning, and so Have a great day tomorrow..er... Today!

{images courtesy of Google!}


"Is Hard Metal accepted?"

Last Night.
Was a wonderful night.
Was a wonderful day.
Because. it just was.
Ok, ok, i'll tell you!!
Well, last night, Whitney, Savanna, and Aunt Melissa came up!!
Yes! they came to tennessee!
Anyways, so Whitney and I went over to one of my friend's house last night, and hung out with people.
And today!
We went to Belmont!
It was so pretty, and everything was really great, and all the volunteers were HAPPY, (I think they drugged them, that's why they were so happy...)
And they're nursing program seemed really good, and Whitney was sold on going there..
Oh if only there was no money.. because we could solve lots of problems.
I'm still freaking myself out a little bit about my college options, but that's not the point..
Anyways, so after we did our college tour, we went to Urban Outfitters (awesome)
Then we went to Mellow Mushroom (yeeeeeeah) and ordered the Caesar, Caesar! pizza.
It. was. Delicious.
I mean, it was basically a chicken caesar salad on pizza.
I was skeptical, but my taste buds proved me wrong!
And I'm still stuffed from that.
Oh... and.. I think they must have put a little pot on Whitney's slices, because on the way home... she. was. insane.. and it really seemed like she was serious, hilarious. :)
But then we got home, and they had to leave..
But it was great!

Mama Mia!
have some pizza!
{image courtesy of google}


Well shoot.
I'm having complications with getting what i needed scanned!
errrrgh, and before i know it, it'll be too late.
But, i'll try again when i have more time..
Have a wonderful day!


I know, I know... I didn't get to post yesterday.. and this is a crappy post.
So it's just really crazy.
And I have a picture I want to put up! but I have to scan it.
So..maybe tomorrow??
(I'm a horrible time manager)


My dear friends, bear with me... I'm going to post tomorrow.
I can't believe we're halfway through november. This is pitiful.
You will get an acceptable post tomorrow.
Have a great day :)