The Sun Will Rise.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

--C.S. Lewis

The other day I was sitting in the park back home, and I was just.. overcome with the beauty of God's creation.. and I was praying and thinking about other things...
And then I was thinking about faith.
Having faith..
We believe in God and have faith that he is there... just as sure as we know the sun will rise tomorrow.
The sun will rise.
Sometimes we get down and we wonder about things...
But God is always here.
The sun still rises every morning.
We can be scared of the dark at night, but we have hope that we can make it until the sun rises, because it rises every single day. It rises, it sets, it's there.
We have faith that the sun will rise... whether you call it faith or not, we all have faith that it will rise.
The Sun is God's creation... we have faith in the sun, we have faith in Him.
Just as sure as the sun rises, God is there.
He is providing, guiding, caring, LOVING us.
He is so good.
It's incredible how much He can love ugly sinners like us.
it's humbling, and it should be.
We can never dream to love someone half as much as he loves us... not even one millionth of the amount he loves us!
Thinking is good.
God is good.


Family is amazing.
Food is wonderful.
Being home is perfect.
Playing the piano feels sooo good.
Holding August is also perfect.
And playing with River is awesome.
I am so incredibly blessed! So much more than I can even imagine I deserve...
God is amazing, and He continues to amaze me with every thing that he gives us daily, and the comfort He brings and provides. He is truly so good (in case you doubt that, you shouldn't. Because he is the definition of true PERFECTION.)
I'm amazed.
And Thankful :)
I missed my family and my home!

I hope yours was wonderful!!


deactivation (say in robot voice!)

So I deleted (or technically..."deactivated") my Facebook for a little while...
It just needed to go.
I'd been saying forever that I was just going to get rid of Facebook..
so the other night I finally just did it!
It felt so nice!
And it really is amazing (and sad) how much I got on Facebook and now how much more time i have to say... oh i don't know, work on my English paper that's due Friday.
Anyways. Because I knooooow you (the thousands that read this blog) will all miss me sooo entirely much (i hope you're sensing the sarcasm here) I will be reactivating it soon... I just needed a good break. :)
I hope you all have a lovely day!