It's no secret that I love film.
But lately, they haven't been turning out as well.
So this last roll of film I tried to get back to the mindset of taking my time and being patient and waiting for just the right moment.
And so here are just a few...

Mary-John & The Lake

JD & River peekin in the chicken coop

I wish I could live here

Look at that face

Happy Fall :)


Another Month

It has been a month since I've been home.
Man, did I miss it.
And what is the craziest of all is how much little August and River have grown!!!
River has seriously become a kid, rather than a toddler.
And August has just grown up so much too.
He just turned 1 this past week and I can't believe my little buddy is that old already.

I'll say it.. It makes me feel old.
I just hate that I have to go a whole month between seeing them...
It's just not okay. Especially when I was there for the entire first 2 years of River's life.
So to have to miss all of the new little happy things he discovers.

But anyways, I suppose that's part of life, and just as long as they remember and know me as the best and favorite aunt in the world, I'm okay with that.

So blessed!

P.s. there's just nothing like sitting down the piano here and feeling that music


A Little Song

Just a few songs/artists I always love to listen to...

Josh Garrels is just incredibly talented.
I want to walk down the aisle to his song "Processional"

Seabird. I just like them too.
And this song is precious.

Whoa now, don't even get me started on these classics.
Dean Martin, doesn't he just seem to overflow with charm??
Any of these fine people are wonderful to listen to
(especially while doing chores at home!)

Anyways... Enjoy your days.
Lots of studying going on around here!


Impromptu Shoots

{photo cred to Maggie Blevins}

This weekend Whitney, Maggie, and Mary-John both came up!!
I missed them.

Friday night Whitney, several other girls and myself all went out to eat at Jim 'n' Nicks, then followed that with a trip to Urban Standard. 
Ah, it was so good, so fun!!
(and whitney was right, their latte is good! especially with vanilla)

And then Saturday I went up to the lake with Mary-John and Maggie!
Maggie did a fall photo shoot with Mary-John, 
Let me just say, oh my goodness.
Maggie is insanely talented, plus her model was just gorgeous. 
So later that day, Maggie had her backdrop set up, and Mary-John and I grabbed a couple of hats and Maggie started taking pictures like the one above...

...and this one...

There were so many ridiculous photos.

What a fun weekend! 
And now I have to crack down and get some serious studying on.

Have a wonderful week!


Spider Death

I hope all of the spiders that sneak into our house hear about the event that just occured.
I'll tell you how it went down. Chelsea turns on shower. Chelsea gets in shower. Chelsea sees that she is sharing shower with one of the biggest spiders she's ever seen. Chelsea, fearful of her life, turns off shower, reclothes, and calls her roommates in to see the giant beast. Old tennis shoe is fetched for the act about to happen. AND THEN I SMUSHED IT SMITHEREENS. It was legitimately a little bit frightening.

I may have gone a little overboard with the speed and strength with which I assassinated the spider, but I just wanted to send a message to the spider world that they are just not welcome in our home. especially in the shower. with me.

And now it's almost Fall Break!!



It's one of those days. I just want to drop out of school and go travel (or just nap)

But I have to remember this will all be worth it.
It will all be worth it.

I can do it!


Blanket Forts of Sorts

Yesterday was my roommates birthday.
So naturally, me and the other roommates wanted to make her day special.
What could we do??
Build a blanket fort, of course!!

And so I set out to find the inspiration I'd found a couple months back through these photos.

This amazing fort was built by my very own Mary-John and Maggie.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Yes, That's a porch swing supporting the middle section, and there was even a skylight!
It was pretty brilliant, and I wish I could have seen it in person, but I only saw through skype. 

These next few are just pictures I'd found through google.

Someday I will build this with my person and we will have a sleepover.
It's so dreamy!

This one just seems like the epitome of the perfect fort chaos!!
I love it!

 The string lights really do make a big difference.

And So this is our fort!!
We went through quite a bit to get to the final product.
(There was an incident with a nail and hitting my finger with a hammer and the entire fort falling..oops)

So there it is! From three different views.
It's just fun to have this in a home.

And now we'll have to make a few adjustments so that people can easily walk through from the foyer to the bathroom/kitchen/bedroom areas.

But to say the least, we have a wonderland in our living room and it made for a very happy birthday!

Have a beautiful day!


San Francisco

San Francisco from Chelsea Pritchett on Vimeo.

A little peek at the trip we took about a year and a half ago.

Finally finished editing!!

A blessing..

God gave me a major blessing today.
Several, actually.
I'm always so thankful for the amazing family and friends I have been given. It's absolutely incredible, and sometimes very humbling.
I had an eye opening moment today, and I took that as a blessing of clarity.
And then and now I just have an overwhelming sense of peace about some things that have been on my mind. And a peace about the patience I will have to exhibit for a while.
It is so amazing to have that feeling of peace and contentment.
It's just been a wonderful day.

I hope yours has been too!

P.S. San Francisco video coming soon!


Do it.

You know you wanna leave a little comment.... look back at the last post. maybe it scares you. all the more reason to do it. ;)



Do the things that scare you.

About a month ago I decided to do this.
I'm not the first one to jump up and accept a challenge or take lead of a situation.
I am not the first one to go sky diving or take risks.
But there will come a time when I'm going to have to do this.

So I adopted this idea to take more risks (reasonably), to do things that scare me, 
to (as cheesy as it is, i know) LIVE!

One of my roommates has this thing where she has to do spontaneous things in order to feel like she hasn't wasted these precious days we have.

So if I can take a little bit of her philosophy, mixed with my own ideas, 
I can take on this challenge to do scary things.
It makes life more interesting too.

I am a teaching assistant.
It scares me.
That's what keeps me doing it.

What scares you?