Times are changin

So... school starts in 2 weeks, that's a little depressing...
It has been one of the best summers so far, different, but still so amazing..
and gone by WAY too fast!!

So this is what's been going on around here the past couple of weeks:

-JD and Katie and River moved back into our house, bought a house, about to move out of our house and into their new house.
-Caleb and his best friend are renting an apartment now and he just recently moved out.
-Jordan left on Tuesday for Airforce basic training...

So, everyone seems to be leaving around the same time..
Caleb will still be not too far, and JD, Katie and River will be literally 9 houses away from us...
So that's not too sad,
But Jordan... well he's in San Antonio...
I'm gonna miss him the most.
We've just gotten so close this past year, and it's hard when your brother leaves..
And it's sad when i'll think he's just at a friends house, but then i remember he's not coming back for a while.
I folded his clothes yesterday, it was kinda sad too.
But this is something he was ready to do.
Something he was passionate about, and he'll turn out to be amazing.
He's got this competitive drive that would perhaps suprise you if you haven't seen him play football or any sport.
He'll be amazing.
And we're so proud of him.

So if I could please ask you to pray for him, and keep him strong, not only physically, but spiritually too, and also for JD and Katie, and Caleb...
Actually, our whole family needs the prayers
Thank you...

I'm sorry if this was a little depressing... but I still hope you enjoy this beautiful day :)



I have gotten behind on blogging.
I have gotten behind on journaling.
I love journaling. everyone should journal sometime!
It'll be funny to look back on.
This is random....
I'm killing time... why?
Because I'm spending the night with a friend tonight, but I forgot to call her before I went over....and....haha, she wasn't even there!
Oopsies. :)
So she's on her way.
And I'm on her mac (named Jerry, isn't that cute?)
Anyways...... This is beyond random, and I figured I'd just post something.
So, have a beautiful day!


Got any favorite songs are artists right now?
Leave a comment.
Let me know :)


Too Long

I'm sorry it's been so long....
But honestly, I haven't been home one full week this summer....
I haven't been in the same state for one straight week...
Yep. This is summer.
And so far, it's been so good!
I really need to post pictures to facebook, but i just always forget!
Now today my cousins are coming up (and down) for the day/evening.
I'm really pumped.
So I hope everyone's summer is just absolutely wonderful!

Here. Have a picture of Caleb wakeboarding..that's cool, right?