Bet's on.

What bet, you ask?

I'll explain.

While talking to my dear maggie on Gtalk (which is awesome btw),
somehow we got onto the subject of what time I would get there and one thing let to another and now....We've got a bet going on.

Here's the bet:

Maggie's side: Chelsea will be on the Blevins' front porch AFTER 6:35 on January 30, 2009.

Chelsea's side: Chelsea will be on the Blevins' front porch BEFORE 6:35 on January 30, 2009

Now if you know the Tennessee Pritchett's history on travel times at all, then you know we are ALWAYS late, NEVER ever on time (hence the always late part).
So this is incentive to arrive WAAAAAAAY before it starts.
I'm pumped.
You see, I think we usually just take our sweet time, actually, our PARENTS usually take they're time, and then we remember we have to do something and then we end up leaving 3 hours later.
True story.
So after me and maggie's conversation i talked to my padre figure (as johnnie says) and he said its up to me when we leave. So i told him we needed to get everything ready thursday night (talk about preparation) and leave right after school on Friday.
AAAAAAAAAAAnd so we'll see how this goes!
I am determined to get there as early as possible so I can have more time with my dear sweet bestest friends in the entire world. :)

So I'll post about the results, even though the people that read this will already know!


...................get excited.


What makes you happy on days like today?

As my best friend says, "i'm OBSESSED with blogging! It's so.....relaxing."

so......I've decided to post another one. obviously.


what makes you happy? surely you can think of something...

-The color YELLOW. you know it makes you happy. It's just so bright and joyful! except for stupid yellow boats (that was for you magz).

-Strawberries. "MMMM! deLECTable!!"


-Spring time

-Light flowy dresses (and skirts!)




-My best friends. :)

.................so those are only a FEW things...but you get the point.
what makes you happy? (hint, hint: comment. ;) )

I wish I had a more creative title.

If only I was so witty as to think up interesting and eyecatching titles.

You see, I was going to put simply, "Letters" but then I felt as if this was not enough and too bland.

But unless I'm going to talk about anything else, then I guess "Letters" would be an adequate title.



There is something so authentic about letters.

I was completely cleaning out my entire room (which is SUCH a great feeling of accomplishment by the way, and I say you should do it too!) and I found a box of old letters and notes and cards.

Most of the letters I'd gotten were from our dear friend Johnnie...and sometimes on occasion our other good friend Phil. :) (speaking of Phil, among the old cards was a birthday card from her, and it was adorable. she couldn't spell. it was cute....but hey, that was probably 10 years ago....anyways) So I open up some of the letters and start reading them... I laughed SO hard.

From what we said to each other to the funny pictures we drew. I don't see why anyone would ever throw away old letters from their best friends. Then after I read this...this feeling swept over me. I miss them. I miss my best friends. It's hard being far away, 163 miles in fact, away from your best friends. Gee. How'd I get on such a pessimistic roll?

On a happier note, all the letters reminded me of the good ole days :)

Now, recently, yesterday in fact, I received a very, VERY creative letter in the mail. (january 21)

Today I got another letter, very VERY colorful (january 22)

And today I got another letter in the mail... very VERY sweet... and all of these letters make me miss the senders. hopefully i'll see y'all soon!

If any of y'all have ever gotten anything in the mail (besides bills and whatnot) you know how wonderful it feels!

I mean, one gets a letter from their friend and it's to them. not to anyone else, just personally to them.

These days everyone is so caught up in the electronics, email, texting, facebooking (you know you do it too) We forget about how wonderful and great calling people or writing letters is.

There's something so.....authentic(? is that the word I'm looking for?) about letters.

They are also just much more personal,

with email, yes you can change the font and colors, but in letters you can go outside of the lines!!
okay... I really don't know where this is going. I've been writing little bits and then saving it, and then coming back, and repeat. so.
I just want to post this.

......aaaand my point is GO WRITE A LETTER!! :)

For Whitney:



Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon


When I was little, I admired the moon.
For me, I always saw a dragon...I know, I know that's weird...
but I never saw a face.
I think Mama asked me once, "do you see a face?"
and honestly, I had no idea what she was talking about...
but later on, i finally saw the face.

So tonight i was in the car, and i just noticed how unusually bright the moon was tonight...
Something is just so....cliche to say romantic, but in a sweet way there's a romantic feel to a cool moonlit night. wow. that sounded so cheezy... I don't really care, no one reads this ANYWAYS, so...back to the point.
I was just thinking about how amazing it is that you can be all the way in tennessee, gazing at the moon, just noticing it, or just glancing....and then your best friend can be all 163 miles away in Alabama.....and they can still see that same moon....all that distance away....but still, you can both be sitting on the backporch looking at the same moon........
anyways, it just amazes me. God. that's all I have to say. He created....such a magnificent world...and it's just so beautiful, and i can't even find words that could begin to describe any of that.

So, with that thought, I'm going to finish writing letters.
I think I'll post a post on writing letters in the future...