Unmade Bed

Usually when you walk into a room, no matter how dirty it is (well....you get what i mean) a nicely made bed seems to make it a bit better.
Today after school I walked into my room,
there's a few dresses on my bed needing to go in the closet...
But....I looked past that and there.
There it was, in the beautiful afternoon lighting of my room,
A cool inviting bed, the covers pulled back from the morning,
pillows all flat and messy....
The bed just looked so good.
So, I think I shall answer to nature's call of sleep.
Maybe :)


Call Me Crazy... Insane.... Out of my Mind.

I tend to get these grand ideas for homemade presents..

The problem with homemade is that it takes FOREVER.
But. With this one, it doesn't really have a deadline, it's one that you keep adding as it goes along.
Okay, okay, so what is this you ask?
Yes, it's another book.
Some may know that I made one for Whitney for her 16th bday..
Well, as some more of you may know,
My brother and his wife are expecting a baby!!!
The baby is going to be named River.
boy or girl, we're not sure yet.
BACK to the point.
I have decided.......

to make.....................

a homemade baby book......

And I threw the idea out at the dinner table (oh yeah, JD and Katie [that's my bro and sis-in-law] also live with us for the moment of a few months) and Katie said she'd rather have a homemade baby book than a store bought one.
So this is my next creative endeavor... along with others on the side and a suprise here and there.

So have a wonderful day :D


Oh, and did I say I kind of have a job now?

All it is is taking someone home from school (in which I get paid gas money...SWEET!)
and then the other is just walking my neighbors dog everyday after school for a few weeks.
So the little bit of cash will be nice :)

Have a beautiful day!



We Have.

A New.


Well, almost, the boys and Daddy are in the process of putting it in.
So finally, we'll be like all other normal families and have our oven back, let's hope it works :D

Oh and today I'm going to a birthday party at Pump it Up... never heard of it?
I've never been, so I'll tell you what it's like tomorrow!



Queso! Fromage!

or.....better known as CHEESE!!!!

So, you take some Velveeta cheese + Rotel salsa along with some chips = MAGIC!!!!!!
It. Is. So. Good.

For real, i've eaten it for a whole meal before.
Anyways, I came home to cheese dip today.
And it was just a lovely, happy day today!!
I thouroughly enjoyed it :D

Ahem, I have set up an equation:
+ + =
(a masterpeice :D)


A Bit of a Predicament

Our kitchen is slowly falling apart...

Our stove is....probably one of the worst stoves you will ever cook on...

Conveniently the oven stopped working a couple weeks ago...

The cabinets don't close...

Oh and did I mention that our.....(i have no idea what to call it) big black thing where the pots and pans hung in the kitchen broke, thus causing a calamity? Yeah well, it did.

So we were going to have chicken casserole tonight, but we remembered the oven doesn't work!!

The little amusements of life :)

BUT! I'm going to Anthropologie, as soon as i finish this post actually, and i can dream about my future home :D

Have a beautiful day!


The Little Things in Life..

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat today :)

I've also felt it kick and move...

Only about 6 more weeks until the arrival of baby River!

Don't forget to look at those pictures down there


Anybody for some pictures??

We went to the beach a couple weeks ago, and yes, we had to do the white t-shirt beach photos... (the quality is kinda bad, just from being uploaded)
So here's the result of that:

Mama: "Okay, now get closer, put your faces all together... Jordan, get closer!!"

Our thoughts: Smile....smile.... it's almost over.....okay, you've taken 34 of the same

picture....are we done yet? ...... I hate this part of the beach.........

Yes, we are one of those families who wears the white shirts.

Quick! Run while you can!

Our beautiful parents

Sweet, now it's time for those awkward self portraits where your entire family is staring at you...

We finally captured a real smile

Like I said.... a little awkward...

The gorgeous addition to our family :)

Now THIS is a favorite! ^

..And so starts the fun....

The boy finally had a good idea

We like to jump.

I hope you've enjoyed these, we had fun taking them....well, most of the time :)

Is it summer yet?

Okay, so I know I shouldn't just be wishing away the weeks and months... And i'm not saying if I had a choice to fast forward that i'd do it...

All I'm saying is... if life was like a remote control, I think I'd pause the movie for a few more weeks. There's so many things about summer that I'm just not ready to let go of quite yet, like spending weeks at my best friends/cousins' house, or being at the many parties they seems to have, or going to meetings and concerts and singing schools...

This is real life though, no remote control (although if we actually had remote controls for life it would just get to complicated and crazy and then I believe the world would fall apart because there would be too many things going on at one time and.....well i'll just stop there)

Wow, that sounds so sad.

I can't stop goign to school now, so I might as well have somewhat of a positive attitude about it.

Yay school.

Wish me luck being around all those people....not that I'm antisocial, not that kind of being around them, but instead all their beliefs and morals and....worldliness... They're not all bad, I just would never be able to connect with them on a deeper level like I can with all of our church and family friends.

So congratulations to people like JD for becoming a schoolbus driver (one of the tops of his class), Amy, who just graduated (and hopefully passed her test, so that she actually graduated), Mary-John, as she says goodbye to 16 and hello to 17 (because it's her birthday tomorrow!!) and everyone else who is happy today, because happy people just make the world better!!

THIS should make you happy: