blah blah blah

So, I'm sick.
Don't know with what, just feverish mainly..
And I was so afraid I wasn't going to be able to play in the snow... but no worries, I got to (and that moving around and stuff made me feel a lot better!)

So here's some pictures I took before my camera died (and I also took a lot with the film camera)
Poor little Jeepy, (yes, i've yet to come up with a good name for him) he was cold!!
Vegas liked the snow!

Street view!

And a little happiness :)

Needless to say we had fun entertaining ourselves.. Throwing the ice covered snow chunks against the house... someone *ahem, Jordan* breaking them on his head... it was fun!


rap video??

It's absolutely awful quality... but...............you get the point.. :)

(i'm the one on the left, with partner Jay to the right. really good at rapping, aren't i!! JOKE)

Snow, again!!

Except a LOT more this time!!
It's suppose to continue snowing through the night..
bad part is...

I woke up this morning with a fever :(
Where did this come from??? i have no idea!! weird.
and annoying because I haven't gotten to play in the 1+ inches of snow!!

But, we have been watching many many home videos, which are always HILARIOUS..
oh my gosh!!! IT IS SO NOT 8 PM!!!

I was on a billboard when I was 2 or 3. Cool. (just saw it in the video.. where it is also snowing)
Ee-I-ee-I-oh being sung in the background.
My hair was SO long when i was 3!
(it snowed on my 3rd birthday)
And for all of you who know the franklin area, we have it on tape the land before Wexford was Wexford... crazy!!
I remember these days.

Ok, just caught up in reminiscing.. I apologize

(what??! my parents video taped me on the potty!!!)

Anyways. I hope y'all are having a wonderful day!


Feet Jackets

Shoot... I completely forgot what i was originally going to post about.. it was going to be pretty good too...
Oh well.
So. I'll just start writing.
Socks, step aside, you have a new nickname. Feet Jackets!!
(thank you jordan for your....interesting exaggerations and expression of inanimate objects..)
(ahem... soggy lettuce, pepper storm, feet jackets... you get the idea)
Um... I'm no rapstar, but for theater today, my partner Jay Brown and I rapped.
We wrote this... interesting rap about the play Everyman..
So I've sort of been dreading having to actually rap my part of it..
Long story short, we pulled it off together, and we did get quite a few laughs.
(it's hard to picture me being a rapper, right!? well no worries, i wasn't the greatest at rapping, but i did my best.. ish)
My friend Emily Redmond video-d it and I'm going to see if i can get it on here.
Dear Nashville-Franklin area is expecting a Wintry Storm in a day or two!
(I did not know that's how "wintry" was spelled.. I would have said wintery.. but i guess that one's right too.)
Anyways, I just needed to post.
aaaand.... i'll try and add the video later, there's complications.
Have a beautiful day!

(delicious chicken casserole tonight! classic Pritchett favorite!)


Saturday, what a day!

This past week has not been the best week and today I was determined to change my sulky mood.
To do so, I...

-slept in until about 9:15
-Read my bible in bed (Psalms 31, very good, also Proverbs 15:1, always a good one)
-sewed a little bit
-ate some cereal and a banana (the perfect ripeness)
-washed my face, brushed my teeth, (a feeling of fresh and clean!)
-put on leggings and a dress (dresses/skirts always seem to make a girl feel prettier & happier)
-picked up some pictures from Walgreens
-picked up some BEAUTIFUL flowers (Gerber Daisies) from Publix (inspired by this girl, go read her blog, it's awesome!)
-talked to friends on the phone.

And now, I'm going to finish eating (a delicious bowl of spaghetti & parmesan) and follow the example of a friend and do something productive--AWAY from the computer!!

Hope your day turns out to be Happy and Beautiful. :)


Rain, Rain

It's raining.
The sound of the rain.
There's something a little..
romantic about them, I think.
They're beautiful.
Thank you, God.
Even what may seem scary, you make it so beautiful.
I love days like this, it's just...
When I was little, I used to call weeping willows, "rain trees"
I thought they looked like rain.

{images courtesy Google}



THIS is my...
{drum roll please............}
[not only that, it is almost the 100th day of the 100th year of school!!]

Happy 100, blog.

So along with the happy, here's a list of
things that make me happy:

-the way a big pot of pasta looks when it's cooking
-loud & crazy family events
-being with best friends
-when my 22 year old brother acts like 5 year old
-warm, clean sheets. (that smells soooooo good)
-walking down the detergent aisle :)
-colored pens!
-finishing an art project
-opening the window on perfect weather days and watching my sheer curtains sway with the breeze

Ok, it's not the greatest list in the world... but at least it's something!
Have a Beautiful day!!



it's only about... 23 hours left until this wonderful event
{i will post about it when i get back into town!!}




{two more days until la formal}


3 more days, 3 mooore days
(you know, like the Ray LaMontagne Song??)
(He's brilliant, if you haven't listened to him, go do that now)

3 more days until the formal!


My Declaration.... of sorts :)

I went on a rant... or maybe you could call it a proclamation, or declaration...
That sounds original, right??
But i was thinking...
[not to mention avoiding the homework sitting on the table]
What if I wanted to pursue a career in art, instead of nursing!?
[it was here my mother gave me a bit of "the look" for all those who know her, you know that look]
What if I just wanted to be a nurse because my beautiful mother was a nurse??
What if, what if, what if!?
Now, I was mostly joking... but the thoughts have occurred before..
I'm still going to go into nursing, because I feel I could do very well in that field, and we would work well together..
AND it's a very flexible job, it's a great job!
But I vow NOT to let my art and music {and yes, you too, blog} fall to the wayside.
Art is something I enjoy, and do in my free time.. so maybe perhaps i wouldn't enjoy it as much if i was forced to do it all the time... who knows...
BUT needless to say,
these rants and ravings mostly sprout from the urge to do anything possible
to avoid it.
I like to go on long, needless spiels occasionally...
One time, I went on a rant about the bathroom
and how I wanted to have my own bathroom, when it was perfectly logical for it to be that way
the boys have their bathroom, and I would have mine..
simple enough..
stupid, I know...
But that's how it goes sometimes..
sooooooo I need to get some sleep.

{Cades Cove, TN}

{4 days until the formal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}


It started as a book...

Over Christmas break, we had our Pritchett family christmas (obviously) and Mary-John, Whitney, and I have a tradition of getting each other gifts (no, really?).
So this year I absolutely could not think of what to get them.. then it hit me one day.
I decided to make them journals!
So here are some pictures of the making of the journals.

it started off as a plain book...

....throw in a sewing machine.....

...a girl at the sewing machine....

...a tree sewn into the fabric...

...a make-shift work station...

...then came the layout of ideas...

...and a few more ideas...

...put it together...

...and you get the almost finish stages!

Here's the exchanging of gifts.. (i didn't get a picture of the finished product, but whitney has her's in her hand, and mary-john's is beside her) Mary-John also ended up making us journals!

Have a beautiful day :)

late night bowls of cereal

It's such a disappointment when you pour a bowl of cereal....

.......and there's no milk.

{or the milk is frozen...}


(Pictures from Christmas Break will be up soon!)

Snow, snow, snow, snow!!


-no school

-because of snow!

-not very much snow, but there is still snow on the ground.. and tonight there will be ice.

-short shopping trip with Mama

-bought John Mayor's new cd & James Morrison's cd

-lasagna for dinner

-practiced piano

-tried on dress/outfit for the formal

-sat by the heater

-ate a mini reese's cup


No school tomorrow!
Have a great day :)



Say what??
2 more years til the end of the world?!?
just kidding. I don't actually believe that.
it is EXTREMELY crazy to think 2010 was here... i mean, man, those good ole 90's days... those were the bomb... the first decade of the new millinium was packed with so much stuff.. i can't even remember most of it.
But a great way to bring in the new year is to spend it with your best friends, the best people.
That's how we celebrated..
ate good food, danced, fireworks, good music, laughter, movies, just good ole fun time.
It was awesome.
And I thank God for this beautiful new year, that i'm sure will be filled with so many memories and blessings.
I'm off to Memphis today.
To you:

happy new year!!!