Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday....

fine, fine...
so i was excited about my birthday!

The big 1-7

I've been slackin on my blog posts, and reading posts.

So let me tell you how my wonderful day went....

Slept late--always nice when in need of sleep!
Caleb, my "sweet" brother went and got cinnamon rolls for me
while i freshened up and took a shower.
{while i was away in the shower, i got a lovely phonecall}
Ate the delicious cinnamon rolls,
drove to Greenhills to eat lunch with my mom!
(she's been away at work for 3 weeks, so I'm glad she's back in Nashville)
After lunch, came home,
then met J.D. Katie (and River) and Brennan and Khara (family friends)
at Mellow Mushroom, and then we walked around downtown franklin
{did i mention the weather was GORGEOUS?!}
After dtf, we met my beautiful mom and the baby she nannies at the park near our house.
{once again, the weather. was. beautiful!}
A little girl came up to me when she was hurt and put her arms around me.. it was sooo sweet!!
So after this, I had to go back to school for Into The Woods.
Lots of fun goin on there :)
After the play (which had the best crowd!)
We headed over to the Guido's house for DELICOUS food,
then a few friends
(Amy, Natalie, and Delaney)
and I went over to Amy's house for the night.
We talked and talked and laughed and stayed up waaaaay too late..

{p.s. the lovely phonecall from the Porter family + Laura + Wesley + [others?] made me miss them so so much! then to top it off, Mary-John called, asked a question, hung up. my thoughts? sad. sad. sad.. did my best friend really forget my birthday?? of course not. She called back a couple minutes later giving me the BEST BEST BEST happy birthday phone call ever!! Screaming, yelling, shouting, singing, all at the same time Happy birthday call that absoluetly just MADE. MY. DAY!}

I'm so blessed to have the friends and family I do.
So blessed by God to have another year.
Thank you, Lord, for everything you've blessed all of us with :)

Have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!

{and to Mary-John.. I love you, have fun away on your spontaneous roadtrip!!!}


Bum bum bum

I woke up this morning not feeling the best--a bit of a sore throat to be exact..
So on my way back home from dress rehearsal, i stopped by sonic and got some delicious food!!

Several things:
-a birthday is coming up very soon!
(saturday, to be exact!)
-I need to start gardening
-I had a very very fun weekend (but very short) weekend with my BEST friends (and cousins) in the world!!
-my niece is getting more and more cute and entertaining!!
(she'll be 6 months next week)
-pandora.com is the bomb

-there's a giveaway on
you should go and enter!
well... first you should follow her, she's really great!

And hopefully the weather will warm up before this weekend.

oh oh oh! and if any peeps are in Franklin,
Into the Woods
is March 18-20 (thursday-saturday)
and March 26-27 (Friday and Saturday)
all at 7 pm.

Have a FANTASTIC day!



I took the ACT at school yesterday.

Ok, I know what you're thinking,
"The ACT!?! poor thing!!"
honestly.... I don't want to sounds like "oh ho i'm so good"
...but i'm confident that i did better than last time...

so... praying that I did as well as i think!

After the test, the whole junior class was stuck in the cafeteria (nothing against the cafeteria, it's a very nice one) for another hour or so.

There were many forged notes to leave...


we ended up just leaving...
and somehow 4 more people ended up in my car...
(the Grand Wagoneer!!)

So we went to Moe's
(i didn't have any money, so i ate the lunch my dad so kindly packed for me)
and then we decided we'd go to the mall.
It was quite the adventure..

and then we had to go back to school for rehearsal.
(i'm doing spotlight for Into The Woods!)

After rehearsal it was time.
This was the first time my mom wasn't around while I made it..
i can do this...
I realized I ended up adding 1 cup of flour instead of the 2 cups it called for...
and you know what??
I think it's the best it's ever tasted!!
(probably because it's so moist :D)
So a very good day to say the least

Thank you for this warmer weather, God!
Hope it sticks around, and hope you're enjoying it too!!

Why yes, i would LOVE to jump over the fence and run through that beautiful field!


What a Day!!

{Nashville the beautiful}

This morning I woke up a little after 9, got ready and drove to school.
"But Chelsea, it is Saturday!!"
Into The Woods opens in 2 weeks (aaah!)
I'm not in it, but I am helping with the tech stuff.
I get to do spotlight!!
Anyways, so I was helping out our theater teacher all day, (along with many other great helpers)
and it was fun.

After that I came home.
Got ready.
Went to the Frist art museum!
I had a piece in the W. county art fair..
Pretty sweet...
There were some awesome pieces there!!

{my piece is that flower}
So after the Frist, I drove home on the interstate
But--before we went home, i made a stop by Best Buy
and gave in and bought 2 Ray Lamontagne cds..
oooh Ray, you make my knees go weak.
His voice.. his voice..
Jordan and I once looked him up on Google to see if he was a good guy
We believe him to live up to the standards of "Good Guy"

And now I'm home..

But the weather today, was fantastic!!
I wore a dress.. without tights :)
Oh Spring, please come soon.
We'd like to see your beautiful flowers and trees blooming, and feel warm sunshine on our skin.
So please hurry... or at least stay and not turn cold!!

{in Nashville}



You should go HERE!
And check it out...
this is NOT the real deal yet... BUT
I'm hoping to send it in soon as a real submission, and so when that day comes, I'm gonna need each and every one of you to help in the voting! (positively i hope, if you like it :D)
But anyways.... so.... yeah.... just a sneak peak.. at the critique.
Have a FANTASTIC day!!!


Oh March

Oh how much happier my attitude was today when I realized it was MARCH!!!
It's gonna be a busy month this year!
{not to mention.... ahem.... it's my birthday month :D}
So you better enjoy this month!!
And hopefully, this means that Spring and warm weather is coming SOON!!!