It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be the last day of 2009, EVER.
It's weird...
I want to look back on the year, but i don't have time to post that now.
So instead,
I shall just wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm so thankful for this amazing year God has blessed us all with, and my best friends with which i spent this great year.
I love you all,



Merry Christmas to all!
well... on Friday :)
So maybe it's a bit early for this... BUT anyways...
I felt I needed to post.
I'm about to go visit my niecy :) she's so precious.
I'm missing people. like. a LOT.
But, I get to see them Wednesday!
I desperately need to snuggle... judge me if you will... but i love to snuggle, and there's no changing that... (like y'all REALLY needed to know that)
These past few days have been fun though.
Friday I went with Caleb, Felicia, Sawyer (caleb's ex roomie)
and we went to a record store.
one word:
or another word:
Seriously, I could have easily blown 100 dollars in records. Easy.
They had so many amazing ones!!
I only spent 20 dollars though.. a bit expensive,
but so worth it for the Coldplay Parachutes album!!
Oh it sounds devine, beautiful. Happiness on a turntable :)
And Caleb bought me a Muse record for Christmas, it is really good too.
aaaaaaah I know what I'm asking for for my birthday!
That night a few girls from school got together and we had a little dinner party,
and lemme tell you... there were tons and tons of laughs and sore stomachs!
Girls Only.
the boys had a "Brodown" somewhere else
while the girls had a "Hodown" ha... ha.. get it? ok... sorry bout that..
but anyways.
Then Saturday was a relaxing day and I spent the night at another friend's house..
Today Church!
There were 12 (+1 almost here!) babies/youngsters, and at least 70 people there!
It was a huge crowd! and a great service.
Afterwards we made christmas cards and baskets for the sick and
elderly, while singing Christmas songs.. it was great :)
So I hope everyone is going to have a blessed and happy Christmas and New Year! (just in case I don't post before then)

One of the pictures from our early Christmas :)
(our tree was more crooked, but they fixed it... it was so funny!)

Best Friends: I miss you. I love you. I'll see you soon.


I find myself here again.
Late nights working on projects, that could have well been done this past week.
But I feel I do better when I procrastinate ;)

Tonight at church we had our annual Christmas singing, and it was absolutely beautiful.
The two songs that seemed to touch me the most:

As Thirsts The Heart:
As thirst the hart for water brooks,
So thirsts my soul, O God, for Thee;
It seeks for God, and ever looks,
And longs the living God to see...

Far from the courts of God, my tears
Have been my food by night and day,
While constantly with bitter sneers,
Where is thy God? the scoffers say...

With grief I think of days gone by,
When oft I trod the hallowed way
To Zion, praising God on high
With throngs who kept the holy day...

O why art thou cast down, my soul,
And why so troubled shouldst thou be?
Hope thou in God, and Him extol,
Who gives His saving help to me,
This song has always been around, so close to my heart. Good memories stay with this song. But not only is it associated with good things, but read these words, read them carefully. The words are loaded with beauty, and with the song's simplicity, it has become one of my favorite songs, and fills my heart with joy and sends chills through my body.

How Great Thou Art:
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed

Then sings my soul, My Savior God, to Thee,
How Great Thou art, How Great Thou art.

The First verse is my favorite, because just think. This world we live in. The vastness of the entire universe, and you say that it's made by accident? The beauties just happened to evolve and create something like this? Doubtful, for sure. But "Thy power throughout the universe displayed" is enough to give me comfort.

My mind seems to come alive at night, is that weird?
When I would work on Whitney's birthday present, I would find myself staying up late, or coming up with all these ideas in night hours. I also sometimes get the urge to clean my room late at night, but by that point I'm just so tired. I need more sleep.

For those of you taking exams {including myself}:

Hope your week starts off and stays beautiful and happy!



You say, "What?! Dear Maxi, are you out of your mind?!?!"
As most of you dear readers know, Mama's job takes her away every other three weeks.. it has it's positives and negatives.. and so this year, it just happens she'll be on for work on Christmas... disappointing for sure, but this meant we got to have an early Christmas!
Untraditional for sure.. (which is so unlike my mom..)
But we got up, (yay it's christmas!)
and fixed a big breakfast and ate and laughed.. and then opened presents. Backwards of what usually happens, but it was great anyways.
I got a camera!
So you should be expecting more pictures.
.................Hope you're day is wonderful, be happy!!


Rain, Rain

The bottom is pouring out of the sky...
People complain about the rain.. and the cold..
I might would too, if I were out in it...
But I am not.
Instead I'm sitting in the quiet house,
about to play the piano,
and listening to the rain.
Thank you, God, for the beautiful, peaceful rain.
Days like these are wonderful :)


I still need to talk about Thanksgiving..
eh, what the heck, i'll just do it now..
no, no... I have to go to bed soon.
So I can't do that.
But, what I do need to say is this:

Our Christmas Tree fell over :)


I can't wait to write about my awesome Thanksgiving Break!!
It was fantastic, and I wish I had had a camera to take pictures with.... but (I got one for Christmas... but... let's just pretend I don't know about it!)
So, I'll be stealing pictures from everyone :)
Have a lovely day!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



Hehehe, second night in a row, baby!!



What has got up me up this late?
Yes... but mainly, procrastination..
I told myself, "You are not going to procrastinate on this project!"
What did I do?
Yeah, that.
I'm starting to think I don't know how to not procrastinate.. which is really bad..
And I have a history project too :)
But that won't be too hard.
I get to watch the patriot.
So for now, I need a shower, I need to clean up my mess from part of the project, I need sleep, but I will probably dream about Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Yeah.. this guy:

But maybe tomorrow I'll dream about (after having watched the Patriot)...
this guy.....

What? where did all these pictures of Heath Ledger come from??
I wasn't stalking him at 1 am...
okay okay!
SO I was!
But hey, you shouldn't be complaining :)
Hopefully I can get up in the morning, and so Have a great day tomorrow..er... Today!

{images courtesy of Google!}


"Is Hard Metal accepted?"

Last Night.
Was a wonderful night.
Was a wonderful day.
Because. it just was.
Ok, ok, i'll tell you!!
Well, last night, Whitney, Savanna, and Aunt Melissa came up!!
Yes! they came to tennessee!
Anyways, so Whitney and I went over to one of my friend's house last night, and hung out with people.
And today!
We went to Belmont!
It was so pretty, and everything was really great, and all the volunteers were HAPPY, (I think they drugged them, that's why they were so happy...)
And they're nursing program seemed really good, and Whitney was sold on going there..
Oh if only there was no money.. because we could solve lots of problems.
I'm still freaking myself out a little bit about my college options, but that's not the point..
Anyways, so after we did our college tour, we went to Urban Outfitters (awesome)
Then we went to Mellow Mushroom (yeeeeeeah) and ordered the Caesar, Caesar! pizza.
It. was. Delicious.
I mean, it was basically a chicken caesar salad on pizza.
I was skeptical, but my taste buds proved me wrong!
And I'm still stuffed from that.
Oh... and.. I think they must have put a little pot on Whitney's slices, because on the way home... she. was. insane.. and it really seemed like she was serious, hilarious. :)
But then we got home, and they had to leave..
But it was great!

Mama Mia!
have some pizza!
{image courtesy of google}


Well shoot.
I'm having complications with getting what i needed scanned!
errrrgh, and before i know it, it'll be too late.
But, i'll try again when i have more time..
Have a wonderful day!


I know, I know... I didn't get to post yesterday.. and this is a crappy post.
So it's just really crazy.
And I have a picture I want to put up! but I have to scan it.
So..maybe tomorrow??
(I'm a horrible time manager)


My dear friends, bear with me... I'm going to post tomorrow.
I can't believe we're halfway through november. This is pitiful.
You will get an acceptable post tomorrow.
Have a great day :)


His music makes me happy,
and I fall in love with his voice everytime I hear it..

Who is it?

James Morrison

this guy:
And he's not one of those, oh my gosh you are absolutely picture perfect gorgeous kinda people.... but.. something about him is so attractive.
Go look up his music right now.
Free.napster.com is where I'm listening to it,
so far all the songs on the album are absolutely awesome!!

Pictures courtesy of Google


Scattered Thoughts

Ever since last weekend,I've been a little bit obsessed with Fiction Family (never heard of them? listen to them http://free.napster.com/view/artist/index.html?id=12697213 <--here) I changed River's daiper for the first time, and I think it's one of the first times I've changed a diaper ever... I know, judge me as you will, but, I had no younger siblings to change, or younger cousins for that matter... and the little ones I was around.. there were other people to change them. Maybe one time YEARS and years ago, i kind of changed one, but it was just putting the daiper on.

Perhaps all this nonsense of writing is just an excuse to put some pictures and hope for an interesting post to come out of it all. Possibly I'm avoiding homework. Most Likely it's a combination of boredom, the two suggestions above, and a need to post.
And you know what?? Don't you love when you just see some beautiful picture? I just want to find some beautiful pictures to look at. Why? I have absolutely no idea..

I love Caleb! (He's standing in the kitchen making weird faces...) And... he just screamed (he's back in his room now..)

I'd like to learn the piano part of Charlie by Ingrid Michaelson. it's just cool.

Can I live here??


What a weekend.

So the weekend started with Friday.
Joyride 2009.
Donny & the Dodgeballs were amazing!!
Mary-John played awesomely on the fiddle :)
And Act of Congress.
I've heard a few songs, but I fell in love with them that night.
Adam's voice is so beautiful.

So that was Friday.
On Saturday, let's see... what did we do...
We saw Stacey's wedding dress, beautiful.
Then that afternoon Maggie, Mary-John, The Porters, Laura and her mom and nephews, and I all went to see Where The Wild Things Are.
It was really good!
But. I was a little disappointed.
I wanted there to be more closure, and a little bit happier.
So after the movie, everyone came over to the Blevins' house and we had chilly (is that how you spell the food?)
And we had delicious brownies.
OH! and then.
then Caleb and Asa got out their longboards.
We had so much fun on those things!!
Even though they still had to hold on to our arms while going around the curve, it was still so much fun!!
I felt like a real skateboarder ;)

On Sunday, we went to church, and then after church, Mags, Mj, Brent, and myself hung out around Jasper. We went to the park. Too cold.
Then we went to the playground next to the Porter's church.
We swung.
And it was very enjoyable!
Then we went to church that evening (first pres./ the Porter's church) and shall I say it again? we had fun.
I wish I could elaborate more, but I must go now.
Today is Wesley's birthday!!!
Happy birthday Wesley!
And, have a beautiful day everyone!!


For the Daddy :)

Who is it that usually takes care of you when you're not feeling well?
Mama. Well, i mean, Mama and Daddy both help, but mostly it's Mama.
Who does it when Mama's away on her job?
Daddy :)
So I'd like to take this time to thank my dad for caring for me SO well!
He's been running up and down the stairs to refill my liquids,
left the door open so he could hear,
Woke up at 2 in the morning just to make sure i was ok, and give me more DRUGS!!!!!!!!!
But in all seriousness, I love my dad SO much, and he has been so great :)
I know my mom wishes she could be here to take care of her number one baby girl (she's told me several times :D ) but Daddio, you've done a good job :)

(Yes, that is my dad, and yes, he used to have hair :D )


Sitting Sick on Saturday

I'm sick.
With what?
I'm not sure...
Because of this, I
had to miss.............
The Homecoming game
last night..............................
Pumpkin picking with JD and
Katie and the baby......................
and I have to miss an awesome ...
birthday party i've been looking for-
ward to tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But hey, at least i'm not dead.
So I'm kind of bored...........
Maybe I'll work on my
collage for art class
Yesterday, as I
was coming
from school,
At this point, I was
starting to feel not so great
SO. I decided to not turn on the road to
go home, and instead stop by Starbucks, because
I just wanted a Strawberry Lemonade blend and a piece
of Pumpkin Loaf!! And oh my...............it was. SO. SO. SO. SO.
Really delicious.. the pumpkin bread is so yummy, and you should go
get some the next time you're hungry at Starbucks. :)
Have a beautiful day!!



While checking out my friend's blog (cough cough Fernweh) it's her blog's birthday too!

drum roll please.....

It's been a great year, and I've enjoyed writing on you. :)


Did I really just drive to the local store, and spend what little money I have on a bag of Starburst Jellybeans??!??
Why, yes. Yes I did.
I have absolutely NO clue, but today someone was eating them in class, and this MASSIVE craving for those specific jellybeans just HIT M
So i told myself, You are going to the store after practice and buying some.
So I did.
And it was WAY worth it.
I am so satisfied. :)
They remind me of Easter.. I think because Mama always keeps them in a bowl.
Green is my ultimate favorite (i don't know what it i
s about that sour/green apple that just slays me ;) ) I mean don't get me wrong, the rest of them are still good ,it's just that i find myself
searching for the green ones :)
I love spontaneity, by the way.
So have a LOVELY day!!



So. It's homecoming this week!!
(i just feel like i really need to post!)

It's been tons of fun,
our theme for dressing up have been
monday: '20s
tuesday: '50s
wednesday: '60s (which is what i really dressed up for, go hippie!!)
thursday: '80s (which i'm pumped about too!!)
friday: SPIRIT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
And the homecoming parade!!
It really is part of highschool that you'll look back on and be like,
"Yeah, that was awesome. We all came together and had SO much fun!"
So I'll be going to float building in a bit.

This weather cleared up and ended up being a GORGEOUS day!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day!




That is the second longest word in English (even though it doesn't really seem like a real word at ALL) and I believe there are 183 letters.

Just a little tidbit of info for my dear lovely readers.

It's kind of awkward when you say something jokingly to someone, and then they don't respond back for................................................................a very long time. (this is over chat of course..)

River came home Friday and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday!!
I'll put up some more pictures, but unfortunately the quality ain't so good. So I'll try and remember to put some of facebook and you know what to do from there!
September is almost over... wait wait wait.. wasn't it just yesterday that January was here?
Oh well...
It's crazy.
Everything's crazy!!
Have an absolutely beautiful day!!


Infant part II

I take back my words from last night.

(i'll post more later!!)
but for now, have a picture :) :) :) :) :) :)

Please welcome River June Pritchett to our family!!

I love that she's smiling :)
Cute cute cute baby!

(forgive the poor quality)


Welcome Fall!!!

Today is officially the first day of Fall. TODAY.
I'm so excited for that chill in the air which tells you to put a sweater and tights on.
(i mean... you'd wear more than just a sweater and tights, of course)
But layers. Layers are wonderful!!
I'm so excited!!
Just for fall in general!
I've already done 2 other posts on autumn.
I'm glad seasons change... because I love spring, but soon I'm anticipating Summer, and I want summer to last.......i want there to still be no school, but i'm tired of the hot weather... so i'm ready for the cooler weather (if only the events of summer would last throughout the WHOLE year!!!)
Dearest Fall,
please hurry, and then last for a while :)

and...........Katie's due date is tomorrow.... but it doesn't look like she'll be going into labor.
Please pray for the both of them!


This weather is driving me a little bit crazy.. just because it'll be sunny, then 5 minutes later it's pouring down rain again...
I wish I had my best friend with me to play in the rain.. :)

Tonight we went to Olive Garden for Caleb's birthday dinner, and it was absolutely delicious!
And the waiter had the cutest glasses! (he was pretty cute too shhhh...)

This picture is just cute, don't you think?


JD says his leg feels like, and I quote,

"Someone took a sledge hammer and smash my leg, and then set it on fire."

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy BIRTHDAY to Caleb Pritchett....
Happy Birthday to you!

Caleb turned 20 years old today.


JD had surgery on his foot today.
Everything went well, but he's in a lot of pain... so just keep him in your prayers..
and Katie too... her due date is creepin up.. AND it's raining all week.. (you know more pregnant women's water break when it's raining...)


Autumn Leaves

What is it about crunching leaves that we just absolutely love??
I found myself feeling so happy as i was smunching leaves under my feet...
So simple, yet so pleasing.
You know what I'm talking about, don't lie to yourself. You do.
And then you know that feeling when you see one and step on it........................and it's just a limp leaf. You are filled with disappointment and sadness for a moment until you find another crunchy leaf. It's just part of fall, something that we all (whether we realize it or not) look forward to.
Yes, we go out of our way to crunch on leaves.
We all do it :)
So for now the leaves are still green, but you can tell...
Fall is coming.

I smell Autumn.


Babies and Broken Legs

Don't worry, these words don't apply to the same one being...
Instead they apply to a couple.
A sweet couple.
JD and Katie.
As many of you know, Katie's due date is creeping up soon.. September 23rd to be exact... you know.. that's 15 days from today.
14 days from tomorrow.
But last Thursday night, JD and Jordan were playing soccer at a local arena, and JD's leg just got turned the wrong way and someone hit it and he heard 3 loud pops..
So we knew it was broken, but today we found out that it was a VERY bad break.
He broke it in three places, and possibly a ligament was torn, so the recovery, he'll have to be on crutches for 8 or 12 weeks, just depending on how bad it really is..
So with Katie being pregnant, it's been hard on her, and I'd just like to ask y'all to keep us and them in your prayers.
Have a wonderful day :)



Unmade Bed

Usually when you walk into a room, no matter how dirty it is (well....you get what i mean) a nicely made bed seems to make it a bit better.
Today after school I walked into my room,
there's a few dresses on my bed needing to go in the closet...
But....I looked past that and there.
There it was, in the beautiful afternoon lighting of my room,
A cool inviting bed, the covers pulled back from the morning,
pillows all flat and messy....
The bed just looked so good.
So, I think I shall answer to nature's call of sleep.
Maybe :)


Call Me Crazy... Insane.... Out of my Mind.

I tend to get these grand ideas for homemade presents..

The problem with homemade is that it takes FOREVER.
But. With this one, it doesn't really have a deadline, it's one that you keep adding as it goes along.
Okay, okay, so what is this you ask?
Yes, it's another book.
Some may know that I made one for Whitney for her 16th bday..
Well, as some more of you may know,
My brother and his wife are expecting a baby!!!
The baby is going to be named River.
boy or girl, we're not sure yet.
BACK to the point.
I have decided.......

to make.....................

a homemade baby book......

And I threw the idea out at the dinner table (oh yeah, JD and Katie [that's my bro and sis-in-law] also live with us for the moment of a few months) and Katie said she'd rather have a homemade baby book than a store bought one.
So this is my next creative endeavor... along with others on the side and a suprise here and there.

So have a wonderful day :D


Oh, and did I say I kind of have a job now?

All it is is taking someone home from school (in which I get paid gas money...SWEET!)
and then the other is just walking my neighbors dog everyday after school for a few weeks.
So the little bit of cash will be nice :)

Have a beautiful day!



We Have.

A New.


Well, almost, the boys and Daddy are in the process of putting it in.
So finally, we'll be like all other normal families and have our oven back, let's hope it works :D

Oh and today I'm going to a birthday party at Pump it Up... never heard of it?
I've never been, so I'll tell you what it's like tomorrow!



Queso! Fromage!

or.....better known as CHEESE!!!!

So, you take some Velveeta cheese + Rotel salsa along with some chips = MAGIC!!!!!!
It. Is. So. Good.

For real, i've eaten it for a whole meal before.
Anyways, I came home to cheese dip today.
And it was just a lovely, happy day today!!
I thouroughly enjoyed it :D

Ahem, I have set up an equation:
+ + =
(a masterpeice :D)


A Bit of a Predicament

Our kitchen is slowly falling apart...

Our stove is....probably one of the worst stoves you will ever cook on...

Conveniently the oven stopped working a couple weeks ago...

The cabinets don't close...

Oh and did I mention that our.....(i have no idea what to call it) big black thing where the pots and pans hung in the kitchen broke, thus causing a calamity? Yeah well, it did.

So we were going to have chicken casserole tonight, but we remembered the oven doesn't work!!

The little amusements of life :)

BUT! I'm going to Anthropologie, as soon as i finish this post actually, and i can dream about my future home :D

Have a beautiful day!


The Little Things in Life..

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat today :)

I've also felt it kick and move...

Only about 6 more weeks until the arrival of baby River!

Don't forget to look at those pictures down there


Anybody for some pictures??

We went to the beach a couple weeks ago, and yes, we had to do the white t-shirt beach photos... (the quality is kinda bad, just from being uploaded)
So here's the result of that:

Mama: "Okay, now get closer, put your faces all together... Jordan, get closer!!"

Our thoughts: Smile....smile.... it's almost over.....okay, you've taken 34 of the same

picture....are we done yet? ...... I hate this part of the beach.........

Yes, we are one of those families who wears the white shirts.

Quick! Run while you can!

Our beautiful parents

Sweet, now it's time for those awkward self portraits where your entire family is staring at you...

We finally captured a real smile

Like I said.... a little awkward...

The gorgeous addition to our family :)

Now THIS is a favorite! ^

..And so starts the fun....

The boy finally had a good idea

We like to jump.

I hope you've enjoyed these, we had fun taking them....well, most of the time :)

Is it summer yet?

Okay, so I know I shouldn't just be wishing away the weeks and months... And i'm not saying if I had a choice to fast forward that i'd do it...

All I'm saying is... if life was like a remote control, I think I'd pause the movie for a few more weeks. There's so many things about summer that I'm just not ready to let go of quite yet, like spending weeks at my best friends/cousins' house, or being at the many parties they seems to have, or going to meetings and concerts and singing schools...

This is real life though, no remote control (although if we actually had remote controls for life it would just get to complicated and crazy and then I believe the world would fall apart because there would be too many things going on at one time and.....well i'll just stop there)

Wow, that sounds so sad.

I can't stop goign to school now, so I might as well have somewhat of a positive attitude about it.

Yay school.

Wish me luck being around all those people....not that I'm antisocial, not that kind of being around them, but instead all their beliefs and morals and....worldliness... They're not all bad, I just would never be able to connect with them on a deeper level like I can with all of our church and family friends.

So congratulations to people like JD for becoming a schoolbus driver (one of the tops of his class), Amy, who just graduated (and hopefully passed her test, so that she actually graduated), Mary-John, as she says goodbye to 16 and hello to 17 (because it's her birthday tomorrow!!) and everyone else who is happy today, because happy people just make the world better!!

THIS should make you happy:


Happy birfday

My dad's birthday was this weekend!
I wanted to go to the Memphis meeting, but my parents voted against that..
So I was pretty bummed about that, but I made up my mind to not waste a weekend
being mad about something I can't change.
We went to the lake and had tons of fun!
I saw some people that I haven't seen in years.
I still wish I could have gone to the meeting, but hopefully hopefully next year!

We go to the beach at the end of this week,
and then there's about 5 days until school starts.
School starts August 13th. That's a THURSDAY.
How random? And early!
I'm obviously bitter about it starting so early, half of my friends don't start until labor day.
But, I'm going to try and be better about posting and adding pictures so
Have a great day :D


Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of future posts:

Singing School


Here, since this is so short, have a picture!

Night #1.
4 square.
Whitney posing
James waiting
Anna in action
Asa posing with Wesley...

good week.