Filmy days

I got another roll of film developed.
A couple weekends ago I went down to the beach with my parents.
And Jordan!
Man, I miss all of my brothers so much.
Saturday we went to the Blue Angels' air show at Pensacola (as you can see with the previous post).
And then today, Asa and Nathan came to Birmingham to longboard!
Of course I'll take a study break and do something better than studying.
I was extra excited about this roll of film, and well.. here are some of them. 
So enjoy!

 This is my brother Jordan.
Yes, he's awesome.

Fat Albert, C-130, Blue Angels

Jordan at the beach.
Cool shorts, bro.

What better thing to do than journal and read Peter Pan?

Jamie and I went to Pepper Place Market one morning.
It couldn't have been a more perfect day!

I longboard.
(......well.....not really..very slowly..but I try)

Nathan doin some cool tricks

Okay this picture is one of my favorites because I didn't expect Asa to be in focus, I didn't expect the lighting to be so cool. 

Well..not much can be said about this.
(note the longboard right next to me)

More sweet moves from Nathan!

Railroad Park is a happy place!

It was an unusual but enjoyable day.

I love my camera.

Have a beautiful day!


Blue Angels

If you ever get the chance to see a Blue Angels airshow, I highly suggest you do all that you can to go!
I've grown up seeing their shows and every time they never cease to impress.
Airplanes are just amazing.
So here's a few pictures I took on my mom's iphone (Maybe i'll have my own one day)

They can get as close as 18 inches from each other. 

This was the opener of the Blue Angels' show, Fat Albert, a C-130.

This has been such a fun weekend already!

Oh, and this is my brother Jordan.
I've missed him a lot.
Yeah, that's right he's awesome.


Beach Bound

Gooooing to the beach, and I'm so so very happy!!
This means I get to hang out with my parents AND my brother!!!

So happy!