Oh my...

I have way too much to blog about!!
I turned 18.
I went to San Francisco.
We've had a fabulous church meeting this weekend.
I'm so blessed.

(i'll work on getting the pictures up here.. and i'll start working on a video!)

Have a great day!


I'm 18...
So strange!
I'm currently in San Francisco.
I have so much to tell you!
But, no time now, so i will post later!
Enjoy your day!


I only have 6 days left of being 17..... :|


Happy March!

Happy March!!
March is a nice month... maybe I like it because it's my birthday month.. but it's just great!
I can't believe we're already 3 months into the year.
We got our caps and gowns for graduation today... it made me a little sad.
I hope y'all's day is wonderful!