I really need to release my inner creativity for my titles....
and also for all of the poetry I have to write and design pictures by wednesday.

My birthday was one week ago today.
I have been 16 years old for a week.....
I don't feel any different... except maybe a bit more sad because I'm in need of my best friends company... I miss them so much :)

A thought just struck me....

Isn't it a great thing to miss somebody or be missed?
It's a sign of love,
it means someone has been thinking about you and they just.... miss. you.
and you miss them.
And there's meaning.
It's just love.
love :)


Phone calls are nice.
People are great.
(if they're good people)
Pictures are good too...
I'd like a better smaller camera, a faster one, to take pictures with... I used to take pictures all the time, but in recent months, I haven't taken many at all... It's sad really...
But no worries, we rely on whitney for all the pictures!

Basically, this blog is about nothing...

Oh my dad and I have made a deal that I can get my drivers liscense soon, but I am restricted to the store (1 mile away), close friends (within 1.2 miles) and school.
But that is totally fine with me :)
I'll keep you updated on that...

SOoooo have a wonderfully beautifully gorgeous day, no matter if it rains or not, it can still be pretty :)

About time...

I've been meaning to post..
and then after reading the breakfast table and then conversing with my dear johnnie, I realized I should post more often than I do.
If one is on the computer, one should perform productive tasks, but why not also have fun also?

Blogging is fun, right??

See, that depends on how you look at it (as with most things)

It's all about keeping up the routine... let's see, I once heard a statistic that if you keep up a certain routine for (i think it was) 30 days, you're more likely to keep that routine constant..... I'm sure it works with just 14 or 15 days also...

So what exactly am I trying to say?

Blog often.
And then eventually it will become so much easier.
And not so much of a chore!

(inspired by johnnie... whose name i can never spell right when typing... it always comes out as "johniie" or "joniiee")

About time...


Triple Threat

So one day Katie gave her wedding rings to me to hold before she cut hair, and being silly I put them on my own left ring finger.
Weeeeellll, then I guess that idea at all frightened JD so much that he somewhat angrily said, "Take that off right now."
So I did.
But then that started the conversation of what it would take for a man to be able to marry me:

1) He must outact Caleb

2) He must outrun Jordan

3) He must beat up JD

With these musts I don't know if I'll ever get married....
Oh well, and I guess I have to love him, that would be helpful
So if y'all know anyone would could possible reach these requirements please name them in my comments :)

Have a beautiful day!
Enjoy the warm!!