So i'm all moved in...

More on that later.

I wanted to make another Happy list, and then I saw my friend Jennifer had made a list too!

here some things:

1. the smell of pencils
2. a massive hoard of colored pens
3. the feeling that your life is like a tv episode
4. late night laughter
5. waking up early and realizing you can go back to sleep
6. snuggles
7. secret forts
8. long sleeved shirts and sweaters
9. lemonade
10. journals

....really random.

Oh, just had my first college class ever, psychology, IT WAS SO COOOOL!
(did i mention there are 530+ people in that class?? yeah.....)

Have a beautiful day!


Packin up

I'm packing all my belongings.
Leaving tomorrow..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
So here's a picture of some of my things...
I feel like i have SO much stuff!! (i don't think I actually do, it's just that I hate looking high maintenance... it's so dumb)

Oh yeah... this is me...
A little overwhelmed?

Haha, Have a good day, and hopefully I'll put up a picture of my dorm room in the next couple of days.


Ah, lots to blog about...
Lake trip, getting ready to move... what? getting ready to move!?
Yeah, Saturday I'm going down for my best friend/cousin's (Mary-John, of course!) going away party... and then Sunday I move in! AH!

But that's really not why i posted...
I just found something really interesting!
You can see how many views you get on your blog!
Obviously, you don't see who, but you can see how many, so that's pretty cool.
It's under the "stats" tab.
It's encouraging.
I talked to my friend Jennifer about this, how it sometimes feels like you're writing to nobody.
You feel like no one sees it... but aha! IT'S NOT TRUE!

Well, anyways... I should be packing.

Have an absolutely wonderful day.

Oh, and we're at it, here, have some pictures:

It's from the Ballerina Project, aren't they beautiful?


Tax free is so nice!

Guess what this weekend is---TAX FREE WEEKEND!
At least it is in my town.
And what did this mean for me?
No taxes on school supplies!!
Oh wait... and my graduation present...

What did you get Chelsea??

I got....


My very own.
brand spankin new.
Macbook Pro (13 in.)

Just look at it!

And look at that. That's me!

Ha, but for real, we got there at 8 am this morning, and waited in line for about 3 hours, it was pretty ridiculous. But worth it.
I'm very thankful for this wonderful gift!

And oh yeah, did I mention I leave in about a week?

Have a spectacular day!