I'm just rejoicing so much in God's glory.
I know it's easy when you're happy to be like "PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD!"
And I am happy, and that's how I am right now.
But it is even more important to continue to rely on him during periods of doubt,
frustration, stress.
I've had a lot on my mind this week. But God has been really great (as usual) and he has provided and he has answered so many prayers.
It's actually ridiculous.
So good.
Lean on him.



God is amazing.

Have you ever just stopped and looked back on your life and realized JUST how involved he is in your life??
I have been able to see him working so much in my life this entire semester. Through the bad, the good, the everything.
He just continually amazes me how our lives unfold in his hands.
So amazing.
Words don't even begin to describe his greatness.
I am in awe.
He's so good.

Also, did i mention I was going to this place?
Another one of God's amazing creations.