"Some people wound to hurt each other. God wounds to heal"

A friend of mine tweeted that... (i know how lame, twitter...)
I thought that was an interesting quote. I think I like it.
If nothing else, it made the friend feel better when he heard it.



Woohoo! This is my 200th post! Crazy talk. Well... this will just be a random post.

So my friends and I decided to do an underwater photoshoot... is that weird?
Well this is how it turned out!
It was absolutely exhausting, not to mention how strange it felt to be swimming in long dresses...
But it was really just fun!
So here ya go, enjoy!

(this is Delaney)

(This is me and Amy)

(the bubbles were amazing.)

(we decided to give the book a try! Delaney kept floating up in these)

Sure, it may have been silly, but it'll be cool to look back on.

It has been an absolutely crazy month. With wrapping up senior year with a million things, graduation prep, graduating (ah! i'm graduated now!), and then I leave Tuesday morning and I'll be gone for about 3 weeks.
I'm going to the lake, then Thursday and Friday is orientation (aaaah!), then I leave the next week for a roadtrip to Charleston!
And then I have a weekend to recover, then head straight on to Singing School!
Ah. crazy.
So I have to pack and prepare for all of that tomorrow..... kill me.
I know it will be fun, but it's just crazy.

Did I mention I found out who my roommate/suitemates are?
Yeah, that's pretty exciting!!
And I found out when I move in, which is earlier than I like, but obviously that'll have to be okay.

Have I ever mentioned how I wish I was a brilliant writer?
Just to put my thoughts down in a way that becomes beautiful poetry.. to pour out your soul, and one person may see what you really meant, and another may just see a beautiful set of words. Some people... Some people just have a way with words.
You know? they just portray their emotions through those words, and it gets better.
It's such a gift.

But anyways. I really hope y'all's summer is going well!
It's going to be different, but I feel it's going to be a good summer.