I've been trying to post for the past whatever days........
I'll try it again... later..

(maybe sooner than later)

I had a (too short) but VERY great weekend in Alabama!!
I missed my cousins :) :) :)

(hopefully next time I can stay longer!)


I think I have a Chemistry test tomorrow... I should probably study for that...

Have a Great week!!!

(and if you're reading this "tomorrow" happy MARCH!!!)



2 years ago today this world lost one of the funniest, silliest, goofiest grandfathers ever...
George Park.
He was like one of the kids..
He once gave my brother, Caleb, a wedgie, and ripped his underwear!
(i think my mom put him in timeout... hahah)
seeing by the picture below, he laughed and ate all he wanted!
And he lived to be into his 80's...
What a great life..
So here's to you Papa,
not mourning your loss, but rejoicing in the fact that you are in such a better place now.
And we always have the crazy memories of you...
I love you, and miss you, always.


Naps are beautiful

Seriously... If you haven't taken a nap, you should.
they. are. so. nice.
All day at school I wanted to fall asleep in class (i kind of have a fear of falling asleep in class just in case i drool or do... something else in my sleep)
So when I got home, the first the my mom said (besides hello) was guess what we're doing!
going to the Y!!! (to work out) (yay...)
I said I was so tired... so she told me to go to my room and take a nap "right now!"
So... I did.
And. It. Felt. So. Nice.
An hour and a half!
I haven't had a nap in so long, seriously.. it was great!
Ok.. So i hope everyone has a great day!


Hey... um.....

So guess what is in ONE month!?

.........my birthday :)

and yes. I expect to be taking one of these trips:

(Oh yeah... have a great day!!)

(it's a GORGEOUS day again in Nashville, so wherever you are, I hope it's just as beautiful!)



It is WARM!
Well.. probably only like 50.. but that's WAAAY better than cold and wet!

Oh dear Spring,
I miss you.
Come soon.
I love flowers.
And i'm beginning to get anxious.. ok i have been for a while.
The snow was aiight for just a couple days.
I'm so over it now.
Isn't it amazing how the weather affects your mood?!
It's such a happy day today!
Me and a couple friends are about to head over to Opry Mills.
So I hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL day!!



(the flowers daddy gave mama)

It. Is. So. Good.
ooooooooooooooooooooooh boy, if you could taste pictures (er.. um... computer screens) i tell you what.. it tastes DIVINE.
IT's so good!
I can't get over it.
Good taste, moist, perfect.
So yummy.
look at it!


Smell of Cinnamon in the Air

Oh what an adventure...
So.. let me just say I am by far not the best cook you've ever met... a far ways off actually..
I've just never really had that much practice!
So Katie gave me a starter for Amish Friendship Bread..
I decided to take on this challenge.
So this afternoon was the special day!
Some of you know my mother.
I love her to death.
But she can be stubborn.
er... you just have to do things her way.
So I was really determined to do this on my own.
I will grow from this, and perfect the bread.
Well... after some....discussion we finally started.
She told me some tricks... and sometimes I would say..
It doesn't follow the recipe!!
(mama is known to not follow recipes)
But anyways... needless to say it's sitting in the oven now,
and oh. my. goodness.
it smells divine!

So i'll let you know how it turns out!!



Why... why do i always do this!?
I don't really...mean to procrastinate...
There's just... so many other things to do!

But I also like to think I do better under the pressure.
My brothers say the same thing.. maybe it's just a family thing :)
So I should probably get back to writing my history outline.
It's on the development of photography between 1900 and 1945.
So... It'll be interesting, so hopefully I can get this (plus another math project, it's easy) done before midnight! :)
She loves her Daddy and Mommy!

Isn't she adorable?! i love her!
This is River's pirate face :)

So anyways... there's a few little pictures.
Goodnight to you!
(hopefully to me soon too)


Happy Love Day :)

I feel like I'm moving up in the blog world--I HAVE THREE COLUMNS!!
(it's like those little girls who want to be fashion designers.. bloggers want to have 3 columns!)


I hope everyone is making the most out of this love holiday.
My wonderful Daddy took me out for a Valentine's lunch, just me and him :)

My brother, JD, said the sweetest thing:
"It's nice knowing that you have a Valentine for the rest of your life"

...and it's moments like that, that i so look forward to in life...

According to one section in my bible, Love is:
"the willing, sacrificial giving of oneself for the benefit of another without thought of return."

Dictionary.com defines love as:
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
The list goes on to 28.

Being single is great, and it's what's best for me right now, especially at this age,
but i definitely look forward to that day when I feel so much love, i'm willing to go through so much for that person. So much love that I marry them!
So much love for my family that we'll begin.
So much love for those children, and my husband, i will do whatever it takes to provide the best.
And we'll work together as a family.
And the family will be Love.
We will glorify God.
We'll work together to be strong.
Though things may not always be perfect (if they ever are...)
it will be so worth it, to look back on life and say,
I had a good, strong, loving family.
And thank God for every. single. moment.

So on this day, if you have a Valentine for life, or just for now, don't just limit the extra love to just one day, spread it throughout the whole year, throughout LIFE!

(ok.. i'm being kind of dramatic...oh well)
And if you don't have a special someone, you still have friends, parents, siblings... call them.
Tell them you love them :)

And Happy Valentine's Day!



Oh I can't help it.... I just have to post again!!

I'm taking advice of this girl (you should view her blog anyways, but find the post i'm talking about if you scroll down) and taking after example of this girl too!

I'm going to make Valentimes (yes, ValentiMes, okay, okay fine.. Valentines) day cards for a few special friends...

I got a Valentine in the mail that i loved!
(Chelsea, I can't help but post pictures of it, if you don't mind!)
i loved this!! where do you get pretty light pink envelopes??
recognize this if you follow her??

And maybe i'll put up pictures of my Valentines I make tomorrow!

Okay, Okay, maybe I got a little picture happy.. But i hope you enjoy them!
just to brighten the day a little bit.. hanging hearts from my doorway!

This is my lovely brother, Jordan.
Ladies, he's single!!
he always comes in my room and looks at my wall.. it's funny.
This is me, enjoying my chinese.
I always use chopsticks.
my favorite tree in our backyard/common area.
gorgeous with the snow!

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

The Bread of Friendship

I wanted to post about this too...

I've taken on a... (I fail at finding the right words.. a LOT) challenge?
Sure that works.
I've taken on a challenge.
My sister (in law) Katie gave me 2 bags of amish friendship bread.
I was suppose to give one away to one of my friends, but I don't have any friends (just kidding)
So, They made their loaf on Monday, and apparently it didn't turn out as well as the one they had gotten from their friend..
(and this did not boost my confidence about the whole bread making thing)
I'm not much of a cook, but i'd really like to change that!
I always say "i should cook more" but do i?
(I hate to admit it, but I'm a little bit lazy :-/ )
So, this is going to be a challenge that i WILL defeat! and come out on top! (hopefully)
I have to make it every 10 days.
Every day I have to "squish-squash and mash" the bag of stuff and on the 5th day (that's tomorrow) i add stuff to it, then on the 10th day it's magical bread making day!!!!
We'll see how it turns out
(i might not have been keeping the air out of the bag like i should.. oops!)

If anyone has any tips... let me know!

(it's really sweet to see all the boys playing out in the common area, just like the boys that used to live here did many, many years ago)

Okay, Going to practice "Eet" on the piano!!

Oh the joy!

Oh the joys of Valentine's day!!
(even if you didn't get a carnation sent from your secret admirer at school... which i didn't :D)
And even if you're single... it doesn't matter!
I hate all those haters of Valentine's Day..
In my opinion they're just bitter.... bitter... people!
(couldn't think of a good name to call them)
Valentine's Day is about love...
but it doesn't specify what kind of love, or from whom!
Yes, yes I know it's gotten to be a holiday just to celebrate couple's love or whatever the heck you wanna say.
But what about your best friends, they need love too!
And you brothers, and your sisters if you have those too!
And don't forget you Daddy.
And your Mama :)
(my mom doesn't come home until the day after Valentine's Day)
But really.
Can't we just all make some happy decorations like these:

and buy some beautiful flowers like....these:

And be HAPPY?!?

I demand you be happy.

hold up on the pictures... I'll add those later. I promise. Like later this evening.... I'm too lazy to run upstairs to get the camera and upload them now :)


Spring, where are you?

Snow is great...

But winter is only good when there is snow. and there's usually no snow.

I miss flowers.

And skirts and dresses--without having to wear tights

Having a reason (and being able) to just throw on a summer dress and look pretty.

ok ok ok... I eat my words. It snowed last night. So winter is a little more bearable right now. I still want some warm weather...and here's some beautiful pictures:

Flowers! I need you!! NOW.

Smith Lake... i miss you.

I want this dress!!
{Urban Outfitters}
Isn't that back so pretty?
Classic beauty :)

Have a beautiful day!


Write write write write write

Do you ever have those days when your mind is just full of... stuff.
All you want to do is write about it,
write, write, write, write, write, write....
Well, I usually write it out in my journal, which is at my other grandmother's house right now.
And I can't really write everything I want to on here. (in public... haha)
I'm at my maw-maw's house...
and so it's not the most entertaining thing in the world (but I know she loves us just being here)
sooo i entertained myself by opening up an old friend... PAINT!!
here are some creations (ok, ok, you can make fun, i know, but they kept me entertained)

(i like this one the best :D)

Have a great day!!


Chinese for dinner tonight!
(woohoo, mama's gone, we can pig out!! just kidding :D )

Will my tummy be mad at me later? perhaps... but it tastes good for now!

(how many times have I posted about Chinese food?? at least twice, not including this time i think)

Hopefully going back to school tomorrow,
then leaving for Alabama tomorrow evening with the whole family!
Wedding Saturday!! exciting!!

And speaking of weddings, I want this wedding dress. Badly.
slay me, it's gorgeous!!

Have a beautiful day!



I thought today was Tuesday.

Hhhhold me, dave

The Snow is melting...
I can't go to school, I feel better, but little stomach is a bit unreliable.
I need some black tights.
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins and a Banana for breakfast!
(very delicious!)
Looking forward to the wedding on Saturday, and praying that I'll be able to go!!
After a 14 month engagement, and several, several years of just being together, it's crazy to think that our dear friends Adam and Emily are finally
getting married!!
It's hard to imagine the two of them not together.
So I'll be praying for y'all.
And it's gonna be an awesome wedding, so much fun, can't wait!

my favorite station right now is Joshua Radin, and John Mayor is good too.

And. Dave Barnes' new cd comes out in April. SO excited!!!
My love!!
Any of y'all who haven't, you should go watch some of his videos, he's hilarious...
Like this one for example...
Like little.. emails to ma heart

seriously... Go watch.
(that one takes place in the beautiful Franklin!)
(and make sure you watch to the end)