It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be the last day of 2009, EVER.
It's weird...
I want to look back on the year, but i don't have time to post that now.
So instead,
I shall just wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm so thankful for this amazing year God has blessed us all with, and my best friends with which i spent this great year.
I love you all,



Merry Christmas to all!
well... on Friday :)
So maybe it's a bit early for this... BUT anyways...
I felt I needed to post.
I'm about to go visit my niecy :) she's so precious.
I'm missing people. like. a LOT.
But, I get to see them Wednesday!
I desperately need to snuggle... judge me if you will... but i love to snuggle, and there's no changing that... (like y'all REALLY needed to know that)
These past few days have been fun though.
Friday I went with Caleb, Felicia, Sawyer (caleb's ex roomie)
and we went to a record store.
one word:
or another word:
Seriously, I could have easily blown 100 dollars in records. Easy.
They had so many amazing ones!!
I only spent 20 dollars though.. a bit expensive,
but so worth it for the Coldplay Parachutes album!!
Oh it sounds devine, beautiful. Happiness on a turntable :)
And Caleb bought me a Muse record for Christmas, it is really good too.
aaaaaaah I know what I'm asking for for my birthday!
That night a few girls from school got together and we had a little dinner party,
and lemme tell you... there were tons and tons of laughs and sore stomachs!
Girls Only.
the boys had a "Brodown" somewhere else
while the girls had a "Hodown" ha... ha.. get it? ok... sorry bout that..
but anyways.
Then Saturday was a relaxing day and I spent the night at another friend's house..
Today Church!
There were 12 (+1 almost here!) babies/youngsters, and at least 70 people there!
It was a huge crowd! and a great service.
Afterwards we made christmas cards and baskets for the sick and
elderly, while singing Christmas songs.. it was great :)
So I hope everyone is going to have a blessed and happy Christmas and New Year! (just in case I don't post before then)

One of the pictures from our early Christmas :)
(our tree was more crooked, but they fixed it... it was so funny!)

Best Friends: I miss you. I love you. I'll see you soon.


I find myself here again.
Late nights working on projects, that could have well been done this past week.
But I feel I do better when I procrastinate ;)

Tonight at church we had our annual Christmas singing, and it was absolutely beautiful.
The two songs that seemed to touch me the most:

As Thirsts The Heart:
As thirst the hart for water brooks,
So thirsts my soul, O God, for Thee;
It seeks for God, and ever looks,
And longs the living God to see...

Far from the courts of God, my tears
Have been my food by night and day,
While constantly with bitter sneers,
Where is thy God? the scoffers say...

With grief I think of days gone by,
When oft I trod the hallowed way
To Zion, praising God on high
With throngs who kept the holy day...

O why art thou cast down, my soul,
And why so troubled shouldst thou be?
Hope thou in God, and Him extol,
Who gives His saving help to me,
This song has always been around, so close to my heart. Good memories stay with this song. But not only is it associated with good things, but read these words, read them carefully. The words are loaded with beauty, and with the song's simplicity, it has become one of my favorite songs, and fills my heart with joy and sends chills through my body.

How Great Thou Art:
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed

Then sings my soul, My Savior God, to Thee,
How Great Thou art, How Great Thou art.

The First verse is my favorite, because just think. This world we live in. The vastness of the entire universe, and you say that it's made by accident? The beauties just happened to evolve and create something like this? Doubtful, for sure. But "Thy power throughout the universe displayed" is enough to give me comfort.

My mind seems to come alive at night, is that weird?
When I would work on Whitney's birthday present, I would find myself staying up late, or coming up with all these ideas in night hours. I also sometimes get the urge to clean my room late at night, but by that point I'm just so tired. I need more sleep.

For those of you taking exams {including myself}:

Hope your week starts off and stays beautiful and happy!



You say, "What?! Dear Maxi, are you out of your mind?!?!"
As most of you dear readers know, Mama's job takes her away every other three weeks.. it has it's positives and negatives.. and so this year, it just happens she'll be on for work on Christmas... disappointing for sure, but this meant we got to have an early Christmas!
Untraditional for sure.. (which is so unlike my mom..)
But we got up, (yay it's christmas!)
and fixed a big breakfast and ate and laughed.. and then opened presents. Backwards of what usually happens, but it was great anyways.
I got a camera!
So you should be expecting more pictures.
.................Hope you're day is wonderful, be happy!!


Rain, Rain

The bottom is pouring out of the sky...
People complain about the rain.. and the cold..
I might would too, if I were out in it...
But I am not.
Instead I'm sitting in the quiet house,
about to play the piano,
and listening to the rain.
Thank you, God, for the beautiful, peaceful rain.
Days like these are wonderful :)


I still need to talk about Thanksgiving..
eh, what the heck, i'll just do it now..
no, no... I have to go to bed soon.
So I can't do that.
But, what I do need to say is this:

Our Christmas Tree fell over :)