Let's not forget what it's really about.
Okay, that's cheesy, everyone says that. But seriously...
Take a minute and just reflect.
Jordan came home on Tuesday!!
Pritchett Family Christmas last night, i LOVE it. There's so many people, so many babies now! It's absolutely wonderful. And, as always, the "gigglers" (MJ, Whitt, and myself) exchanged gifts with each other. Everything was WONDERFUL.
I hope y'all enjoy these great holidays :)
We are way beyond blessed, it's truly incredible!
God bless :)

Oh... p.s. here's some pictures...
Our beautiful tree
(thanks clear creek christmas tree farm)

A Classic. sugar cookies..

Caleb got creative with his.... ^
Yep. he's headless...

I made an evil one too.
(he made half of the cookies on the pan fall off)


Have a wonderful Christmas!!


Guess what.
it snowed!!!!!!!
I was suppose to go to school today (although it was completely pointless) but they cancelled due to snow.
how wonderful :)
We also got a Christmas tree this past weekend, I'll try and post about that this week.
Hopefully I'll be exempt from my exams this week!
Also, I have this dream book...
It's actually pretty interesting, and it's fun to see what your dreams mean
(or at least what the book says they mean, who really knows)
So... if you have any super crazy interesting dreams.. let me know. ;)
Have a beautiful day!!


Lost Things

Isn't this just wonderful??



I'm thankful for so many things.
I'm thankful for my entire family.
For my friends.
For the town of Franklin in which i live.
For never being hungry.
For all the amazing people God has blessed me to be around.
I'm thankful most of all for God.
For every little thing he's blessed us with.
There are so many things, I can't even begin to imagine naming everything we've been blessed with.
I'm thankful today that Daddy, Caleb, and I get to enjoy the company of Jordan for a few days.
I hope y'all enjoyed this wonderful holiday that we often take for granted.


my oh my oh my oh my....
one of these days i'll sit and write!!!
Much going on.....
have a great day


busy busy....
aaah life.
I have many things to post about...
but... not enough time...

You know what's so exciting about using film cameras?
It's a nice suprise to wait and get the pictures developed.

anyways, enjoy your day.



YAAAAY for Anatomy tests!
I did well.
Enjoy this absolutely BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon!!
Maybe I'll blog something worth reading soon..ish..



Anatomy. killer. one of the hardest tests tomorrow: the muscles.
and... I think I just gave my dad a heart attack, I was talking about college, and marraige, and... it was just really sad...... I don't know if I'm quite ready to leave them yet..
Anyways, I'm sorry I haven't been better about posting lately... It's been so crazy round here..
have a good day!


I love the smell of home :)


I think the trees decided that yesterday was the first day of Autumn...
Beautiful :)


San Antonio... taaake 2!

So my family and I (minus Caleb) flew back to San Antonio for Jordan's graduation from basic training!!
We're so proud of him, he's doing so well..
and he looks nice in his uniform, no?
It was so good to see him, and little River missed him too.

Isn't this sweet?

Family! (minus caleb)

The Fisheye!

He's cool.

This tree (at the Alamo) was transplanted at 40 years old... and that was... um.. in the early 1900's i think?



Failed attempt

I was going to post pictures of San Antonio tonight...

not gonna happen.

sorry!! You'll just have to wait til tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Fall = happiness :)


One of those days..

Meaning, one of those good days.
There was nothing specifically spectacular about it...
But it was just good.
Isn't it amazing just how much weather affects your mood?
Today it was slightly cool, and SUNNY.
It was just wonderful.
I went into Urban Outfitters today and I couldn't help but...
well... laugh to myself about what I saw.
I saw all those indie kids trying to be cool and non-conformist....
...wearing patterned high-waisted skirts some cool shoes, neat hair..
Hey, I like that look, someone once told me I was indie, so i'm not bashing.
But just sayin... they were so similarly "different".
I still like Urban Outfitters, don't worry.
River is almost one year old now... whhhat?!
She has decided to learn a new language, all her own.
it's so cute.
Musician's Corner at Centennial Park was today..
it's so relaxing... any of you in the Nashville area, it's every saturday from 3-6!
And we finished off the day in a beautiful church building with an uplifting sermon.
Wonderful :)
Hope your day was as equally delightful!

And by the way, this is also very happy.


Yellow Overalls

This is what Jordan drew on my chalkboard before he left.... awesome, isn't it?

I found some yellow overalls in my closet today....
I once wore them for a play in 6th grade... and I kinda love em.
I don't know that i'd actually wear them. Maybe if they weren't the shorts overalls I'd wear them.
We'll see.
One week from Thursday, we'll get to see Jordan!!!
You don't know how excited I am...
Today was a half day... but man, it felt like a whole day at school...
This post is slowly dwindling, I have nothing important to say today.
Except that I hope you have a wonderful day :)



I wish people appreciated the little things in life more often,
e I just feel like going off of facebook for a week.
Sometimes I feel really creative..
I feel like clicking on the left side alignment.
Sometimes I want to chop all my hair off.. (just sometimes)
Sometimes I just want to post pictures...
I feel like going a couple of days without blogging.
I get inspiration from everything...
Sometimes I'm really excited about being a senior..
sometimes I'm really scared..
sometimes I want to write a letter
I miss Jordan

I just need to blog about something, but don't know what
I just want to listen to vinyl
sometimes I miss my best friends.....
I wonder how it has been a year since baby River June has been born....

Sometimes I just thank God for all the blessings he's given me daily.

(always one to make you laugh)

I hope your day is a beautiful one... and if it isn't, make it one.


I just want you to comment on san antonio...



San Antonio

So San Antonio.
We went almost 2 weekends ago, and how did we get there?
We flew!!
"why is that so exciting, Chelsea?"
Because it was my first flight. ever. and it. was. amazing.
I think my favorite part was the landing.
Anyways, so with San Antonio, there was an automatic love for the place..
There were so many amazing colors and trees! oh the trees..
We stayed somewhere in the historic district..
We went the first day and ate at a little restaurant called Mad Hatters.
It was simple, delicious, sooo good.
One day we went to Sea World, amazing.
Another day we went to the Alamo (I almost forgot that)
and from there we walked to the Market Square which was probably one of my favorite parts.
Everything was just loaded and SO full of culture, oh my gosh it was phenomenal!
In Market Square, there was this place called Mi Tierra's.
It was "authentic mexican"
It was amazing, I mean, very similar to the mexican we have here at home,
but what made that place really amazing was the building, the decorations, the massive wall mural, the lights, the music, the people.
It was pretty crazy how close we were to Jordan, but couldn't see him..
San Antonio, I love you.
And guess what!
We get to go back September 23rd (which happens to be Miss River's 1st birthday!)
for Jordan's actual basic training graduation!
Oh I'm so excited to get to see him...
he writes us pretty often, and it's always entertaining to read what he says.
Anyways, so if you ever have the chance to visit San Antonio, jump on it!

So we were having a little fun on the River Walk :)

This is the sweet little stray kitten we named Vanilla.

Smack dab in San Antonio

Mi Tierra's!
(that's the giant mural i was talking about)

Market Square

A little vintage shop right down the road from where we stayed

sweet baby :)

See that tree?
that's not even one of the prettiest ones!!

Have a beautiful day!!


Please pray for my niece, River.
She's had diarrhea for the past week, and we're not completely sure what's wrong yet.
Katie took River to the doctor the other day, and they don't get results from tests until tomorrow.
So please please keep her in your prayers, we would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!


To come...

I will post pictures and adventures of San Antonio soon, I promise!
There is just a lot to do this week!!
(thank you Ms. Barker for telling us about the anatomy quiz and test 2 days before)
So, Have a beautiful day!


San Antonio

My family and I are flying to San Antonio tomorrow..
Did I mention it was my first time flying in an airplane?
First time?
As in, I was planning to go my whole entire life without flying on an airplane.......
Not really.
But why are you going to San Antonio??
Some of you know my brother, Jordan, left for basic training, (he's in the Airforce, special forces)
Well, his original ship out date was June 22... but that got pushed back.
His original graduation date was August 20, so of course, we bought plane tickets for that weekend.
.....non-refundable tickets...
So he doesn't graduate until September 23 now, but we thought we'd make a family trip out of it anyways... so here we go!

Ooooh pray for me please :)

Have a great day!


I started school on Thursday.
We got a letter from Jordan today :)
I got lots of notebooks and awesome pens for school.
Have a great day.

I'll post more later!....eventually


Times are changin

So... school starts in 2 weeks, that's a little depressing...
It has been one of the best summers so far, different, but still so amazing..
and gone by WAY too fast!!

So this is what's been going on around here the past couple of weeks:

-JD and Katie and River moved back into our house, bought a house, about to move out of our house and into their new house.
-Caleb and his best friend are renting an apartment now and he just recently moved out.
-Jordan left on Tuesday for Airforce basic training...

So, everyone seems to be leaving around the same time..
Caleb will still be not too far, and JD, Katie and River will be literally 9 houses away from us...
So that's not too sad,
But Jordan... well he's in San Antonio...
I'm gonna miss him the most.
We've just gotten so close this past year, and it's hard when your brother leaves..
And it's sad when i'll think he's just at a friends house, but then i remember he's not coming back for a while.
I folded his clothes yesterday, it was kinda sad too.
But this is something he was ready to do.
Something he was passionate about, and he'll turn out to be amazing.
He's got this competitive drive that would perhaps suprise you if you haven't seen him play football or any sport.
He'll be amazing.
And we're so proud of him.

So if I could please ask you to pray for him, and keep him strong, not only physically, but spiritually too, and also for JD and Katie, and Caleb...
Actually, our whole family needs the prayers
Thank you...

I'm sorry if this was a little depressing... but I still hope you enjoy this beautiful day :)



I have gotten behind on blogging.
I have gotten behind on journaling.
I love journaling. everyone should journal sometime!
It'll be funny to look back on.
This is random....
I'm killing time... why?
Because I'm spending the night with a friend tonight, but I forgot to call her before I went over....and....haha, she wasn't even there!
Oopsies. :)
So she's on her way.
And I'm on her mac (named Jerry, isn't that cute?)
Anyways...... This is beyond random, and I figured I'd just post something.
So, have a beautiful day!


Got any favorite songs are artists right now?
Leave a comment.
Let me know :)


Too Long

I'm sorry it's been so long....
But honestly, I haven't been home one full week this summer....
I haven't been in the same state for one straight week...
Yep. This is summer.
And so far, it's been so good!
I really need to post pictures to facebook, but i just always forget!
Now today my cousins are coming up (and down) for the day/evening.
I'm really pumped.
So I hope everyone's summer is just absolutely wonderful!

Here. Have a picture of Caleb wakeboarding..that's cool, right?


I am thoroughly excited about Harmony Highlands Singing School.
I am currently packing for Harmony Highlands Singing School.
woohoo. for. Harmony Highlands Singing School.



I like trees....
I like to draw....
So it's no suprise, that when I get bored during school
(oh no, of course it's not when I should be paying attention!)
I open up my school planner....
and begin to draw...
This trend of drawing a new tree each week began in October.
It lasted until May.
So here's the outcome of this:

(I had to constantly remind myself to study...as you can see)

Apparently my philosophy was if I make it pretty, I'll remember...
(didn't always work)
So...Hope you enjoy this little....something.

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Do you call them Fireflies or Lightning Bugs?
...I call them lightning bugs.
And, is it just me, or does there seem to be even more this year than the last?
I personally love them.
I walked downstairs the night before last and looked out the front door.
There they were.
It seemed like there were hundreds of them!
All lighting up, then fading away....light up!.......fade away...
It was absolutely beautiful :)


The Widow Tree.

The Widow Tree.
I like to believe that this tree here below
Was a Husband and Wife.
They grew up together,
they grew strong.
Together, they made the perfect tree.
A tree which held so many memories.....
far too many to even begin.
But this beautiful marriage tree has brought countless smiles to children's faces..
so many family pictures.
just. memories.
It was one of the oldest and coolest trees in this dear old neighborhood.
This is it now.
Now it is just the Widow Tree..
and I'm afraid without her old partner, she won't last very long...
It's just not the same...
I know you may think, "oh shut up, it's just a tree"
but it defined our back yard..
my favorite tree..