That is the second longest word in English (even though it doesn't really seem like a real word at ALL) and I believe there are 183 letters.

Just a little tidbit of info for my dear lovely readers.

It's kind of awkward when you say something jokingly to someone, and then they don't respond back for................................................................a very long time. (this is over chat of course..)

River came home Friday and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday!!
I'll put up some more pictures, but unfortunately the quality ain't so good. So I'll try and remember to put some of facebook and you know what to do from there!
September is almost over... wait wait wait.. wasn't it just yesterday that January was here?
Oh well...
It's crazy.
Everything's crazy!!
Have an absolutely beautiful day!!


Infant part II

I take back my words from last night.

(i'll post more later!!)
but for now, have a picture :) :) :) :) :) :)

Please welcome River June Pritchett to our family!!

I love that she's smiling :)
Cute cute cute baby!

(forgive the poor quality)


Welcome Fall!!!

Today is officially the first day of Fall. TODAY.
I'm so excited for that chill in the air which tells you to put a sweater and tights on.
(i mean... you'd wear more than just a sweater and tights, of course)
But layers. Layers are wonderful!!
I'm so excited!!
Just for fall in general!
I've already done 2 other posts on autumn.
I'm glad seasons change... because I love spring, but soon I'm anticipating Summer, and I want summer to last.......i want there to still be no school, but i'm tired of the hot weather... so i'm ready for the cooler weather (if only the events of summer would last throughout the WHOLE year!!!)
Dearest Fall,
please hurry, and then last for a while :)

and...........Katie's due date is tomorrow.... but it doesn't look like she'll be going into labor.
Please pray for the both of them!


This weather is driving me a little bit crazy.. just because it'll be sunny, then 5 minutes later it's pouring down rain again...
I wish I had my best friend with me to play in the rain.. :)

Tonight we went to Olive Garden for Caleb's birthday dinner, and it was absolutely delicious!
And the waiter had the cutest glasses! (he was pretty cute too shhhh...)

This picture is just cute, don't you think?


JD says his leg feels like, and I quote,

"Someone took a sledge hammer and smash my leg, and then set it on fire."

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy BIRTHDAY to Caleb Pritchett....
Happy Birthday to you!

Caleb turned 20 years old today.


JD had surgery on his foot today.
Everything went well, but he's in a lot of pain... so just keep him in your prayers..
and Katie too... her due date is creepin up.. AND it's raining all week.. (you know more pregnant women's water break when it's raining...)


Autumn Leaves

What is it about crunching leaves that we just absolutely love??
I found myself feeling so happy as i was smunching leaves under my feet...
So simple, yet so pleasing.
You know what I'm talking about, don't lie to yourself. You do.
And then you know that feeling when you see one and step on it........................and it's just a limp leaf. You are filled with disappointment and sadness for a moment until you find another crunchy leaf. It's just part of fall, something that we all (whether we realize it or not) look forward to.
Yes, we go out of our way to crunch on leaves.
We all do it :)
So for now the leaves are still green, but you can tell...
Fall is coming.

I smell Autumn.


Babies and Broken Legs

Don't worry, these words don't apply to the same one being...
Instead they apply to a couple.
A sweet couple.
JD and Katie.
As many of you know, Katie's due date is creeping up soon.. September 23rd to be exact... you know.. that's 15 days from today.
14 days from tomorrow.
But last Thursday night, JD and Jordan were playing soccer at a local arena, and JD's leg just got turned the wrong way and someone hit it and he heard 3 loud pops..
So we knew it was broken, but today we found out that it was a VERY bad break.
He broke it in three places, and possibly a ligament was torn, so the recovery, he'll have to be on crutches for 8 or 12 weeks, just depending on how bad it really is..
So with Katie being pregnant, it's been hard on her, and I'd just like to ask y'all to keep us and them in your prayers.
Have a wonderful day :)