Oh So Funny...

The big YELLOW one is the SUN!!!!

the song Yellow, by Coldplay is a favorite too...

The color Yellow is so happy!

I'm in a super creative mood, I want to sew and design and create!!!!!!!!!!

(but unfortunately I don't really have the tools...So i'm going to scavenge!)



Chinese food is good.

And every so often we go to the local China Wang and pick up some sesame chicken and chicken lo mein... boy I tell you what, it is GOOD.

So it makes your breath smell bad.... yeah? Just don't get up in my face. Not like you do anyways....who are you anyways??

Sorry...I got a bit sidetracked...

I always like to eat chinese food with chopsticks (duuuuh...) and usually I do it just for fun, but tonight I did not....I was just feeling lazy tonight..
But next time you eat chinese food, you should use chopsticks!!


Green Thumbs.

The other day I planted some seeds.
I tell you what, there's something that makes one feel so accomplished after gardening. But not only just the garden part, but when the seed starts to sprout up, then grow taller, then blooms, and shows the beauty of this Earth that God gave us..
I planted:
-a giant pumpkin. that's right. a gian pumpkin. (seeds)
-carrots! (for some reason i'm extra excited about the carrots)
-lots of herbs
-and i feel like something else.....................I can't rememebr,
but I'm hoping they turn out alright.

Gardens can be hard work, but then they become beautiful. and it can be a good workout ;)

Beautiful day to yoU!

The Sun is Bright!

Today is going to be a beautiful day!

A positive attitude is key. And on days like these, how can you not be in a good mood?

So I hope you too will have a wonderful day!


Blog Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on our way to and from Alabama there were a bazillion potential blog posts going through my mind..............but, alas, I cannot remember them....
It's very sad, because I was thinking, Oh! that would be a good one! and I could post pictures for this one! and now blah bah blah blah blah, you get the picture, we all have those days.

Whitney's blog inspires me.......the music. I love the music......I might add some, too.....so that you can jam out while reading my silly posts...wouldn't you enjoy that? It would make the blog much more welcoming, dont you think? It's all about what the readers like, (well...I have to like it too..) but I want to make y'all as comfortable as possible. I'll work on that. :)

I have a French test to study for, so I'll be posting more hopefully!!!

(I just want to go insane with the posts!!!)

Mr. Sandman

Sometimes I can't go to sleep...

Sometimes my mind is just going crazy or I'll hear something and then it'll be a snowball effect and i'll worry myself...
But. No need to worry...

I just read Proverbs 3:24:

"When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afaid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet."

It really comforts me, and then that brings me back to remembering to trust in God, and that he will protect me.

Have a beautiful day!


Back to the ole Blog..

For my memory, here's what I did over Spring Break...(which was April 6-10)

Starting Friday, April 3, 2009:

Drive down to Birmingham, we meet Brett, Blevins girls, Emily and Whitney at P.F. Changs, afterwards we go to Emily's apartment (which is SO cute) and watch Mulan!

Saturday...uh....lets see...We probably just hung out , oh! Uncle Benny's birthday party!

Sunday, I went to Vestavia, then I went to go visit with Maw-maw for a while, then Maggie, Mary-John, Whitney and I went to the Porter's church, then went back to spend the night at Maw-maws.

Monday-woke up, headed back to Franklin, (I drove for the first time on the freeway...ahh!)

Tuesday- Amy and I took my friend Kari out for her birthday to a local coffee shop. Worked on a school project all day :P

Wednesday- Got ready to go back down to Alabama, but did a bunch of stuff that morning, went swimming, got up to 7 laps... haha.. ( I WILL get back up to 16 laps, and hopefully further )

Thursday- Did school with Mary-John (well she did school, I worked on a poetry project), then later we went to Montevallo to see Morgan get inducted into the Honor Society! (go morgan!)

Then we went to O'Charlie's where the waitress says (to MJ and I) "Y'all are twins aren't you" and we ate a ton of rolls, and laughed when Jessica thought Mary-John called someone "defective" instead of "afflicted".......yeah........you had to be there....

Friday- More school and projects, then later Whitney, Mary-John and I went back to our lakehouse and hung out and made (beautiful and interesting) cupcakes!

like these (sorry no full shot of all of them):

........................Needless to say, we went a little crazy.

They started out as sunflowers, but that didn't go over to well... you get the point. :)

And Saturday. Saturday was. Saturday was my birthday party!

We got up, got ready and prepared to party. It was cold. so so cold outside, but that didn't stop us. The party began at 11 a.m. It was 11 a.m. and only one person was there.....Morgan Reaves (of course, the first one to show up) anyways so nobody showed up and there was no party and I cried. But really, that's a lie... People started showing up and then we all just hung out for a little bit. Then the boys went to the fire and tried to start it up again (they did it eventually) and then you know how parties go, people came people had to leave. We opened presents (which were great by the way, and I'm writing thank you cards right now!) and ate cake and partied and just had a good time with each other.

(Lake parties are fun, especially during the summer, so if anyone wants to come....just give me a call ;D)

Sunday we had to go back home and off to school...

So, it was a very fun spring break, a quick taste of summer, and now I'm just waiting for school to be done with so we can enjoy it!


Folding Fitted Sheets

Funny title, but true that it's SO difficult.

As of today, Monday, April 6, 2009, school has decided to take off a week in honor of spring.

Who knows why?

Not really sure about that.... but boy are we thankful for spring breaks.

Ours is very late this year, but it sure came at a good time...

Not that we were really doing anything productive at the moment anyways, but now I can sleep in and go to bed late and...and.....work on projects. fun. (but that's partly my fault)

My parents' 30 year reunion was this weekend, and so we headed south for that, where i was dropped off and they "partied" and reunited with their fellow classmates all weekend.


There's so much random junk I want to talk about...

Just complete randomness..

Jordan chased down a guy that had his stolen bike.
His bike was stolen 6 months ago, and he couldn't stop thinking about.. it was well deserved to get back.

Spring break decided it would turn cold on us. It snowed. yep. snow. flurries.
BUT it is warming up.
hopefully Saturday at the lake will be a beautiful day! :)

Uh, I'm writing poetry for school... poetry can be a beautiful thing.

I need to clean my room. badly.

I swam 4 laps at the pool yesterday, then started feeling nauseous. I hadn't eating in a couple hours... (and i'm out of shape)
I was actually super dissappointed in myself, because this summer when I went to work with mj, and being at the lake i had gotten up to 16 laps... It's a good incentive to go swimming more often!

And now. I have to go see if the cats have food.

Oh and a side note, i'm wearing my favorite green on green striped sweater!