Let's not forget what it's really about.
Okay, that's cheesy, everyone says that. But seriously...
Take a minute and just reflect.
Jordan came home on Tuesday!!
Pritchett Family Christmas last night, i LOVE it. There's so many people, so many babies now! It's absolutely wonderful. And, as always, the "gigglers" (MJ, Whitt, and myself) exchanged gifts with each other. Everything was WONDERFUL.
I hope y'all enjoy these great holidays :)
We are way beyond blessed, it's truly incredible!
God bless :)

Oh... p.s. here's some pictures...
Our beautiful tree
(thanks clear creek christmas tree farm)

A Classic. sugar cookies..

Caleb got creative with his.... ^
Yep. he's headless...

I made an evil one too.
(he made half of the cookies on the pan fall off)


Have a wonderful Christmas!!


Guess what.
it snowed!!!!!!!
I was suppose to go to school today (although it was completely pointless) but they cancelled due to snow.
how wonderful :)
We also got a Christmas tree this past weekend, I'll try and post about that this week.
Hopefully I'll be exempt from my exams this week!
Also, I have this dream book...
It's actually pretty interesting, and it's fun to see what your dreams mean
(or at least what the book says they mean, who really knows)
So... if you have any super crazy interesting dreams.. let me know. ;)
Have a beautiful day!!