February Skies

I don't know if it's because the weather has turned a little warmer (for now),
or if the sky really is just more vibrant this February. But I've been noticing just how magnificent the early morning and evening skies seem to be. I wish I had a camera to capture at least a fragment of how beautiful they've been. I'm blessed to have a beautiful drive to school every morning, with a beautiful early morning sun, and the pretty fields on either side.. it's just amazing. And the moon tonight. Oh, it was just incredible, so big, so bright! (the moon has also seemed brighter). Anyways, I just hope you can take a moment and revel in God's amazing creation. Have a good day!

(image courtesy google)


"I knitted you a hat..."

This is my new hat.
It is a very nice hat.
Where did I get this hat?
A friend, Amy, knitted this hat for me.
Needless to say, this hat has been useful in this chilly weather..
Especially since we have some more SNOW!

It's somewhat ridiculous... But I still love it :)

Have a wonderful day!!!


The stars are very pretty tonight. The sky is perfectly clear. Nights like this I wish I lived a little further away from civilization, so that I could see an incomprehensible amount of stars. I've only seen the Milky Way once or twice in my life. So. If it is a clear night when you read this, just go take a peek at the stars. It's cold, so don't stay too long. But.. enjoy it.
Take in every bit of God's creative masterpieces.
Appreciate His work. :)

{image courtesy of Google}


Take some time..

There's something about a film camera..
I know film is all "indie" and cool and what not,
But it truly is a beautiful art.
If you know how to actually work an old film camera, things can turn out pretty well.
It is fun to take time on a picture, and get things just right, and then have to wait.. It's a nice sort of suprise :)

This looks kind of Urban Outfitters-y... oops.

My beautiful sister-in-law and niece!!

This picture was an experiment with lighting..

Our common area...
So so beautiful

I never realized how pretty this tree was until I saw this picture..

My good friends Natalie, Amy, and Delaney...
Such a pretty house!

Have a great day!