Los Angeles

Hello little blog!
I'm currently in Los Angeles visiting my brother!
Want to see a few pictures?

Day Two:

(Day One, i flew into Los Angeles, ate In-n-Out, chilled with Caleb, and fell asleep before 7 pm)

I was able to hang out with my Framily 
(closer than friends + almost family = framily)
Brennan and Khara (and their adorable pup Mojo) took me to Griffith Park today! 

You can never eat too much of this.

As long as it's in front of one of the most incredible views!!
 This city has been amazing so far!!

 Me and Khara, fresh picked flowers!

It was an incredible day.

And then we finished our evening with Intelligentsia coffee.
Quite the perfect hipster, people-watching kind of place.
And good coffee.

I look forward to the rest of the week!!!