His music makes me happy,
and I fall in love with his voice everytime I hear it..

Who is it?

James Morrison

this guy:
And he's not one of those, oh my gosh you are absolutely picture perfect gorgeous kinda people.... but.. something about him is so attractive.
Go look up his music right now.
Free.napster.com is where I'm listening to it,
so far all the songs on the album are absolutely awesome!!

Pictures courtesy of Google


Scattered Thoughts

Ever since last weekend,I've been a little bit obsessed with Fiction Family (never heard of them? listen to them http://free.napster.com/view/artist/index.html?id=12697213 <--here) I changed River's daiper for the first time, and I think it's one of the first times I've changed a diaper ever... I know, judge me as you will, but, I had no younger siblings to change, or younger cousins for that matter... and the little ones I was around.. there were other people to change them. Maybe one time YEARS and years ago, i kind of changed one, but it was just putting the daiper on.

Perhaps all this nonsense of writing is just an excuse to put some pictures and hope for an interesting post to come out of it all. Possibly I'm avoiding homework. Most Likely it's a combination of boredom, the two suggestions above, and a need to post.
And you know what?? Don't you love when you just see some beautiful picture? I just want to find some beautiful pictures to look at. Why? I have absolutely no idea..

I love Caleb! (He's standing in the kitchen making weird faces...) And... he just screamed (he's back in his room now..)

I'd like to learn the piano part of Charlie by Ingrid Michaelson. it's just cool.

Can I live here??


What a weekend.

So the weekend started with Friday.
Joyride 2009.
Donny & the Dodgeballs were amazing!!
Mary-John played awesomely on the fiddle :)
And Act of Congress.
I've heard a few songs, but I fell in love with them that night.
Adam's voice is so beautiful.

So that was Friday.
On Saturday, let's see... what did we do...
We saw Stacey's wedding dress, beautiful.
Then that afternoon Maggie, Mary-John, The Porters, Laura and her mom and nephews, and I all went to see Where The Wild Things Are.
It was really good!
But. I was a little disappointed.
I wanted there to be more closure, and a little bit happier.
So after the movie, everyone came over to the Blevins' house and we had chilly (is that how you spell the food?)
And we had delicious brownies.
OH! and then.
then Caleb and Asa got out their longboards.
We had so much fun on those things!!
Even though they still had to hold on to our arms while going around the curve, it was still so much fun!!
I felt like a real skateboarder ;)

On Sunday, we went to church, and then after church, Mags, Mj, Brent, and myself hung out around Jasper. We went to the park. Too cold.
Then we went to the playground next to the Porter's church.
We swung.
And it was very enjoyable!
Then we went to church that evening (first pres./ the Porter's church) and shall I say it again? we had fun.
I wish I could elaborate more, but I must go now.
Today is Wesley's birthday!!!
Happy birthday Wesley!
And, have a beautiful day everyone!!


For the Daddy :)

Who is it that usually takes care of you when you're not feeling well?
Mama. Well, i mean, Mama and Daddy both help, but mostly it's Mama.
Who does it when Mama's away on her job?
Daddy :)
So I'd like to take this time to thank my dad for caring for me SO well!
He's been running up and down the stairs to refill my liquids,
left the door open so he could hear,
Woke up at 2 in the morning just to make sure i was ok, and give me more DRUGS!!!!!!!!!
But in all seriousness, I love my dad SO much, and he has been so great :)
I know my mom wishes she could be here to take care of her number one baby girl (she's told me several times :D ) but Daddio, you've done a good job :)

(Yes, that is my dad, and yes, he used to have hair :D )


Sitting Sick on Saturday

I'm sick.
With what?
I'm not sure...
Because of this, I
had to miss.............
The Homecoming game
last night..............................
Pumpkin picking with JD and
Katie and the baby......................
and I have to miss an awesome ...
birthday party i've been looking for-
ward to tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But hey, at least i'm not dead.
So I'm kind of bored...........
Maybe I'll work on my
collage for art class
Yesterday, as I
was coming
from school,
At this point, I was
starting to feel not so great
SO. I decided to not turn on the road to
go home, and instead stop by Starbucks, because
I just wanted a Strawberry Lemonade blend and a piece
of Pumpkin Loaf!! And oh my...............it was. SO. SO. SO. SO.
Really delicious.. the pumpkin bread is so yummy, and you should go
get some the next time you're hungry at Starbucks. :)
Have a beautiful day!!



While checking out my friend's blog (cough cough Fernweh) it's her blog's birthday too!

drum roll please.....

It's been a great year, and I've enjoyed writing on you. :)


Did I really just drive to the local store, and spend what little money I have on a bag of Starburst Jellybeans??!??
Why, yes. Yes I did.
I have absolutely NO clue, but today someone was eating them in class, and this MASSIVE craving for those specific jellybeans just HIT M
So i told myself, You are going to the store after practice and buying some.
So I did.
And it was WAY worth it.
I am so satisfied. :)
They remind me of Easter.. I think because Mama always keeps them in a bowl.
Green is my ultimate favorite (i don't know what it i
s about that sour/green apple that just slays me ;) ) I mean don't get me wrong, the rest of them are still good ,it's just that i find myself
searching for the green ones :)
I love spontaneity, by the way.
So have a LOVELY day!!



So. It's homecoming this week!!
(i just feel like i really need to post!)

It's been tons of fun,
our theme for dressing up have been
monday: '20s
tuesday: '50s
wednesday: '60s (which is what i really dressed up for, go hippie!!)
thursday: '80s (which i'm pumped about too!!)
friday: SPIRIT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
And the homecoming parade!!
It really is part of highschool that you'll look back on and be like,
"Yeah, that was awesome. We all came together and had SO much fun!"
So I'll be going to float building in a bit.

This weather cleared up and ended up being a GORGEOUS day!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day!