Neighborhood by the sea

These were drawn with India Ink.
It's probably my favorite to work with.
Anyway, I know the bottom is basically a copy of the top...
But they are just so fun to draw!
The houses seem to me to be almost from a dream. 
Imagine a little sail boat riding along those waves up to its home.
Enjoy these little drawings.


You know what

Maybe I'll just design wedding dresses.
That would just be really amazing.
Should I do it?
Okay awesome.


The Painted Veil

One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen.
Part of what makes it so beautiful and wonderful is how real it is.
It's a real love story, not the cookie cutter Hollywood love story.

But truly one of the best movies. 

Watch it.
Be amazed.


It is truly one of the most encouraging things to see God's hand working so evidently in your life.
The past few months I've seen things in my life play out exactly how they needed to be.
Things such as the house, relationships, and school-- everything has just played out incredibly.
That's not to say everything has been easy, because it definitely has not.
I feel like I have grown in so many ways the past 6 months.
And now I feel like I will just continue to grow and learn from anything and everything that has happened. Things don't always work out the way we want them to, and sometimes something ends so sadly. But we can't sit and focus on everything that went wrong, every bad part of what happened. Instead we have to look ahead and only look back to learn and grow from our experience. And ultimately, the way we choose to take on these challenges reflects our Savior. So don't we want to take it on with the best attitude possible? And ultimately glorify Him through our actions.
I am overwhelmed with His goodness, always.

Hopefully there will be more posts to follow! I have lots to speak about!

Enjoy today.


I have always admired the gift of writing. I've grown up around so many amazing writers. Even just in the little things they write, just the way they string together each word to create something beautiful.
I've never considered myself to be a writer, but I like to pretend that someday I will write a book about my life. It's a fun thought, don't you think?
I've always been a big advocate of journaling.
Even though I don't call myself a writer, I like to write things down. Especially when an emotion is very heavy in my thoughts. Just writing it down makes it easier.
Right now for example, I want to journal... but I'm much to comfortable sitting on the couch snuggled up with the softest blanket in the world, to go find my journal in my room.
But hey, maybe some day I'll write a book.