When you're in nursing school, you begin to think about nothing other than nursing school.

People: "what do you do for fun?"
Me: "…uhhhhh….." "…."
People: "….."
Me: "…..study?"

And then I usually get a funny look or a laugh. But really.. It's actually very difficult to remember what I like to do when I don't have any weight of school bearing down on me.
I was sitting with my cousins eating dinner and we went around the table saying what we wanted to do before we died. "Sail around the world," "travel into space," me: "finish nursing school! pass my boards" and then a few minutes later I actually remembered one of the things I want to do before I die, hike the Appalachian trail. But anyways, I have to remind myself that I have less than a year left!! That I can make it through these next three semesters! And maybe pass???
I don't know who will want to trust me as a nurse, but I also remind myself that I will be more comfortable over time.

I can't wait to not have to study every day and stress out over everything, and actually do fun things!
But for now, I must get back to studying about labor and delivery, gestational complications, etc.

Also, I miss my babies. So, so much.