I like it when a guy wears suspenders...It's just simply.......hmm what's a good word I'm looking for:




-beautiful? (well, if the man's already beautiful it doesn't really matter... :D)

and I saw this

I just like it a whole lot, and I thought I'd share it with you :D

I hope y'alls memorial day was wonderful!


I miss them

I miss my best friends so much!
(regarding maggie and mary-john who have been out of the country for 10 days)
But they are coming home tonight, and I wish so badly that I could be there right when they get back! But I should see them tomorrow, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!
I'm so excited they'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry..a bit happy :D )


The River

Yesterday was gorgeous, along with today!
I really wanted to spend some quality time with the sun, but I didn't know what to do!
Then at this point I grew very lonesome..this situation would have been better if only I had my awesome cousins with me, so we could go and explore!
So finally, I decided to go on a bike ride through the neighborhood!
It was beautiful, I love our neighborhood, it's so homey...so I biked a couple miles here and there, then decided to go to the park right down the road. I got there, and then continued on the trail that leads to a little bridge over the river.
It was just so peaceful.. and the smell of the honeysuckles...
Just everything about that situation...

What a week.

So Last week I wanted to blog about my week... well that didn't happen, don't ask me why, I'm horrible at time management.
So last week was the last "normal" non-exam week, and several events went on...such as....
Monday: Thespian (the official name for the theater kids) picnic! It was SOOO fun!
...There was a water balloon fight.....let's just say, it was intense :)
Thursday: Open Mic, which was awesome! We have so many talented people at our school...And
And one of my friends was in it, I'm absolutely in LOVE with his voice! (just sayin')
Friday: Thespian banquet!!!! Which was sooo fun! There were awards and results from the
election. You're looking at the new Junior representative for 09-10!
So basically, it doesn't sound like much, but it was just an overall great week.


For You.

Maggie and Mary-John.
Margaret Mead and Johnnie.
Matthew and Charlie.

Whatever you may know them as, 
I would like to dedicate this post to them.

They are my cousins.
They are my best friends. 
Like sisters...and we're a little bit too close for comfort....but in a good way :)

But soon they won't be my little untraveled, unculturated (ok, so it's not a word...who cares) homeschooled fake people anymore.
They'll be sophisticated world travelers!!
When I first found out they were going to Greece and Turkey, immediate happiness swept over me. 
I mean, dude. It's Greece. Turkey's cool too...but especially Greece.
That's so amazing!!!
So anyways.....
They'll be off and leaving us for a while. 
It will be difficult for me to...function....without having the comfort of them being just a mere 3 hours away or just a call away. 
But seriously...I'll be thinking about y'all and praying for you. And I'll miss you so much!
Call me before you leave :)

....and call me when you get back. 

Or maybe I'll be there soon after you get back..but call me anyways.

I love you.

Be safe.

(and don't let those foreign boys flatter you and...well you know the rest.)




Listen to Rufus Wainwright's version of Across the Universe
It is so...beautiful...he's just great in himself!

Love it!


Puddles and Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes....

just admit it, you feel so....what's the word I'm looking for....well I don't know, but you feel so different when wearing fake eyelashes. I'm not gonna lie though, it is pretty fun to wear them........................until you have to rip out half of your eyelashes when taking them off.

Okay, you may be asking yourself, "why was she wearing fake eyelashes??"
Franklin High did a production of Once Upon a Mattress.
It was pretty funny, and tons of fun!

It's been raining for the last 3 days.
It's suppose to be raining for the next 7 days.
That's a lot of rain.
On the way home today my dad said, "Should we build an Ark?"

I love my dad. Daddy. Pops. Father. Padre figure. Pappy. (whichever you prefer)

But, the rain...is good, and we should be thankful it's not the opposite of rain.....which is......no rain...............uh, ok. wow, I'm sleep deprived...

So, I should get to sleep, but it's a late start for school tomorrow...so.....now I'm going to sleep.