ok.....so I had a little inspiration...
Nothing to do!
I started transferring what had been on my hand (see below)
to paper... and this is as far as I got.


Remember to give it to God.
Remember how He provides for us, and He will comfort us.


so.... this is what I am doing....
I _should_ be writing a paper...
But instead, I had some creativity built up... and took it all out on my hand.
Oh well.



The Sun Will Rise.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

--C.S. Lewis

The other day I was sitting in the park back home, and I was just.. overcome with the beauty of God's creation.. and I was praying and thinking about other things...
And then I was thinking about faith.
Having faith..
We believe in God and have faith that he is there... just as sure as we know the sun will rise tomorrow.
The sun will rise.
Sometimes we get down and we wonder about things...
But God is always here.
The sun still rises every morning.
We can be scared of the dark at night, but we have hope that we can make it until the sun rises, because it rises every single day. It rises, it sets, it's there.
We have faith that the sun will rise... whether you call it faith or not, we all have faith that it will rise.
The Sun is God's creation... we have faith in the sun, we have faith in Him.
Just as sure as the sun rises, God is there.
He is providing, guiding, caring, LOVING us.
He is so good.
It's incredible how much He can love ugly sinners like us.
it's humbling, and it should be.
We can never dream to love someone half as much as he loves us... not even one millionth of the amount he loves us!
Thinking is good.
God is good.


Family is amazing.
Food is wonderful.
Being home is perfect.
Playing the piano feels sooo good.
Holding August is also perfect.
And playing with River is awesome.
I am so incredibly blessed! So much more than I can even imagine I deserve...
God is amazing, and He continues to amaze me with every thing that he gives us daily, and the comfort He brings and provides. He is truly so good (in case you doubt that, you shouldn't. Because he is the definition of true PERFECTION.)
I'm amazed.
And Thankful :)
I missed my family and my home!

I hope yours was wonderful!!


deactivation (say in robot voice!)

So I deleted (or technically..."deactivated") my Facebook for a little while...
It just needed to go.
I'd been saying forever that I was just going to get rid of Facebook..
so the other night I finally just did it!
It felt so nice!
And it really is amazing (and sad) how much I got on Facebook and now how much more time i have to say... oh i don't know, work on my English paper that's due Friday.
Anyways. Because I knooooow you (the thousands that read this blog) will all miss me sooo entirely much (i hope you're sensing the sarcasm here) I will be reactivating it soon... I just needed a good break. :)
I hope you all have a lovely day!


It's a boy!!


Prayers prayers prayers!!
Katie has gone into labor!


I forgot what I was going to blog about......shoot!
well.... how bout some pictures?

this is overwhelmed:

This is i-just-got-the-flu-shot-try-and-mess-with-me-and-my-bugs-bunny-bandaid:

I really wish I could remember what I was going to write about.
I have an English paper due on Monday... I hate research papers. Have I ever said that?
I literally hate them with a passion and am completely incapable of writing a decent research paper. Ok maybe not, but I still absolutely despise them.
And then I have to read psychology... and then study for my math test (let's just say I need to make a very good grade on this one!!).. and a chemistry quiz. man. But.
We can do it--eeeasy.
Something about writing those papers is just...eeeegh.

I still don't remember what I was going to write about... what a shame.

Praying that the baby comes while I'm home!


Still no baby....
But! I'll be home this weekend and hopefully there will be a baby!
If not, she'll be induced.
But please pray for the mama and the baby!
Have a wonderful day!


For just a minute... I forgot I shared a room with someone.
I was sitting here, consumed by the computer (of course..), and I hear my roommate shuffle around. "Oh yeah," I thought. "I'm not by myself right now.... I live with someone........how strange."
Obviously I know this... But do things ever just hit you sometimes?
Just a thought comes out of no where and you just say... "oh yeah!"

Yeah. I had that moment.

P.s. Still no baby yet!! Prayers are appreciated! She's so ready. We all are!

Have a wonderful day!


Anxiously Awaiting

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new baby.
For those of you who don't know, my brother and his wife are expecting their second baby.
Her due date is tomorrow.
She's ready.
He's ready.
We're all ready!
And, to add to it all, it's a suprise!!
p.s. did i mention I get to be in the delivery room?
Yeah, anyways.
I'll keep you posted.

.....by the way, who are the "you" i'm talking to?
Feel free to comment anytime. please. please. :D

Have a wonderful day!

p.s.s. it's fall break. woohoo!



I did not do these, as much as I wish I could take credit for it. this is an experiment


I believe that if two people are meant to be together, they will be brought together by the power of God. I do believe this. perhaps I'm naive for thinking so, but I just feel that as humans, we are nothing compared to our glorious, powerful Lord. And So I feel that He works things out and brings people together.

I just...felt like writing that on here. :)

He is so good!!


Mug party on the 7th floor!!
My RA (the furthest left) and I have matching dishes... so naturally, we stood out in the hallway and had a mug party.
Left to right: Noelle (the RA), Carley (my roommate), Alicia (suite mate, "suitey"), and Jackson.
good times.

How bout a tattoo??

No, no, it's not real!
I just got bored and gave myself and my roomies sharpie tattoos.
It says "walk in love" in Greek.
Anyways. There's a tiny update of things.

And please pray for my grandmother.
She's in the hospital, they're starting kidney dialysis tonight.
Just please keep her in your prayers

Have a wonderful day

(p.s. i don't know why it's underlined..)


So i'm all moved in...

More on that later.

I wanted to make another Happy list, and then I saw my friend Jennifer had made a list too!

here some things:

1. the smell of pencils
2. a massive hoard of colored pens
3. the feeling that your life is like a tv episode
4. late night laughter
5. waking up early and realizing you can go back to sleep
6. snuggles
7. secret forts
8. long sleeved shirts and sweaters
9. lemonade
10. journals

....really random.

Oh, just had my first college class ever, psychology, IT WAS SO COOOOL!
(did i mention there are 530+ people in that class?? yeah.....)

Have a beautiful day!


Packin up

I'm packing all my belongings.
Leaving tomorrow..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
So here's a picture of some of my things...
I feel like i have SO much stuff!! (i don't think I actually do, it's just that I hate looking high maintenance... it's so dumb)

Oh yeah... this is me...
A little overwhelmed?

Haha, Have a good day, and hopefully I'll put up a picture of my dorm room in the next couple of days.


Ah, lots to blog about...
Lake trip, getting ready to move... what? getting ready to move!?
Yeah, Saturday I'm going down for my best friend/cousin's (Mary-John, of course!) going away party... and then Sunday I move in! AH!

But that's really not why i posted...
I just found something really interesting!
You can see how many views you get on your blog!
Obviously, you don't see who, but you can see how many, so that's pretty cool.
It's under the "stats" tab.
It's encouraging.
I talked to my friend Jennifer about this, how it sometimes feels like you're writing to nobody.
You feel like no one sees it... but aha! IT'S NOT TRUE!

Well, anyways... I should be packing.

Have an absolutely wonderful day.

Oh, and we're at it, here, have some pictures:

It's from the Ballerina Project, aren't they beautiful?


Tax free is so nice!

Guess what this weekend is---TAX FREE WEEKEND!
At least it is in my town.
And what did this mean for me?
No taxes on school supplies!!
Oh wait... and my graduation present...

What did you get Chelsea??

I got....


My very own.
brand spankin new.
Macbook Pro (13 in.)

Just look at it!

And look at that. That's me!

Ha, but for real, we got there at 8 am this morning, and waited in line for about 3 hours, it was pretty ridiculous. But worth it.
I'm very thankful for this wonderful gift!

And oh yeah, did I mention I leave in about a week?

Have a spectacular day!


A while back...

Untitled from Chelsea Pritchett on Vimeo.

Last year I got a new toy... a waterproof video camera!! This thing has been awesome, although i haven't used it underwater as much as i'd like. So this is from June 2010, the boys just being boys.. fond memories.


I haven't posted in a while... I'm sorry.
I'm working on the video from Charleston (finally got all my videos onto the computer!)
But this song was stuck in my head this morning...
I'm off to clean my room now (woo, story of my LIFE)
Perhaps I'll blog sometime soon about preparing to move off to college and what not... eh. :)

Oh p.s. Harry Potter midnight premier tonight... AAAAH!!!


"Some people wound to hurt each other. God wounds to heal"

A friend of mine tweeted that... (i know how lame, twitter...)
I thought that was an interesting quote. I think I like it.
If nothing else, it made the friend feel better when he heard it.



Woohoo! This is my 200th post! Crazy talk. Well... this will just be a random post.

So my friends and I decided to do an underwater photoshoot... is that weird?
Well this is how it turned out!
It was absolutely exhausting, not to mention how strange it felt to be swimming in long dresses...
But it was really just fun!
So here ya go, enjoy!

(this is Delaney)

(This is me and Amy)

(the bubbles were amazing.)

(we decided to give the book a try! Delaney kept floating up in these)

Sure, it may have been silly, but it'll be cool to look back on.

It has been an absolutely crazy month. With wrapping up senior year with a million things, graduation prep, graduating (ah! i'm graduated now!), and then I leave Tuesday morning and I'll be gone for about 3 weeks.
I'm going to the lake, then Thursday and Friday is orientation (aaaah!), then I leave the next week for a roadtrip to Charleston!
And then I have a weekend to recover, then head straight on to Singing School!
Ah. crazy.
So I have to pack and prepare for all of that tomorrow..... kill me.
I know it will be fun, but it's just crazy.

Did I mention I found out who my roommate/suitemates are?
Yeah, that's pretty exciting!!
And I found out when I move in, which is earlier than I like, but obviously that'll have to be okay.

Have I ever mentioned how I wish I was a brilliant writer?
Just to put my thoughts down in a way that becomes beautiful poetry.. to pour out your soul, and one person may see what you really meant, and another may just see a beautiful set of words. Some people... Some people just have a way with words.
You know? they just portray their emotions through those words, and it gets better.
It's such a gift.

But anyways. I really hope y'all's summer is going well!
It's going to be different, but I feel it's going to be a good summer.





I graduate on Sunday.


At last...

I didn't think it would come so soon... but here it is...
My last day of high school (Lord willing, I don't have to take any of my exams) is tomorrow.
Some people aren't going tomorrow, because well, they just don't have to.
I guess I technically don't have to either, but I can't imagine not coming on my last day.
It's the last time I will ever be in high school again.
School itself will never be the same.
It's so bittersweet.
Bitter, because this means I have to move on with my life, grow up a little more, take more responsibility, move away from home, and also part ways from the people I've grown up with.
Sweet, because no more high school, no more ridiculous rules, and it's opening a new "chapter"
I still don't feel old enough to be graduating, much less a high school student.
Anyways, I'll stop before I go overboard with the sentimental junk.
But. I can't believe it. Summer is almost here.

p.s. what is up with this COLD weather??


This is a test to see if my friend Natalie really does read my blog as often as she says she does. :D So for now, would you like to see a picture?

Fun fact, did you know one of my favorite flowers are sunflowers??
And guess what.
When school is finished (which is another bittersweet story, because it's almost over)
I'm going to plant an entire sunflower garden.
It's going to be great.
Have a wonderful day!
busy busy busy!


Can we say... PROM!

So this weekend was PROM!
I went with one of my friends, Peter. He asked me to prom on an orange (i can't find the picture). simple, but cute :)
Actual prom itself is pretty overrated, but the getting ready and pictures and "afterparty" parts are very very fun :)
so. I've come to share some photos with you.

I was going to wear my hair like this, but I thought maybe it was a little much, yeah? ;)

Ha, our friend Kari insisted that Peter and I hug again... and.. it was just.. terribly awkward and funny.

The beautiful girls in the group!!
They were all stunning

Alright now... I don't think we got a single one of these photos to turn out... those three boys to the right (no suprise) were messing it all up (and also the fact the girls didn't know what to do with our hands/arms)... but it turned out to give some very entertaining photos!

One of my best friends, Amy.
Isn't she beautiful?

Inside the limo.. woohoo!

(that's us! in the middle) Walking to the limo...

My wonderful, beautiful parents :)

And.. my date, Peter and I.

It was all very very very enjoyable!!


Okay. So here's just a few pictures for your pleasure.
(I still have to find somewhere to dump my videos sso I can edit them. so. that'll be a while.)

Have a wonderful day :)

{Taken with Canon AE-1 film camera, and film fisheye}


Oh my...

I have way too much to blog about!!
I turned 18.
I went to San Francisco.
We've had a fabulous church meeting this weekend.
I'm so blessed.

(i'll work on getting the pictures up here.. and i'll start working on a video!)

Have a great day!


I'm 18...
So strange!
I'm currently in San Francisco.
I have so much to tell you!
But, no time now, so i will post later!
Enjoy your day!


I only have 6 days left of being 17..... :|


Happy March!

Happy March!!
March is a nice month... maybe I like it because it's my birthday month.. but it's just great!
I can't believe we're already 3 months into the year.
We got our caps and gowns for graduation today... it made me a little sad.
I hope y'all's day is wonderful!


February Skies

I don't know if it's because the weather has turned a little warmer (for now),
or if the sky really is just more vibrant this February. But I've been noticing just how magnificent the early morning and evening skies seem to be. I wish I had a camera to capture at least a fragment of how beautiful they've been. I'm blessed to have a beautiful drive to school every morning, with a beautiful early morning sun, and the pretty fields on either side.. it's just amazing. And the moon tonight. Oh, it was just incredible, so big, so bright! (the moon has also seemed brighter). Anyways, I just hope you can take a moment and revel in God's amazing creation. Have a good day!

(image courtesy google)


"I knitted you a hat..."

This is my new hat.
It is a very nice hat.
Where did I get this hat?
A friend, Amy, knitted this hat for me.
Needless to say, this hat has been useful in this chilly weather..
Especially since we have some more SNOW!

It's somewhat ridiculous... But I still love it :)

Have a wonderful day!!!


The stars are very pretty tonight. The sky is perfectly clear. Nights like this I wish I lived a little further away from civilization, so that I could see an incomprehensible amount of stars. I've only seen the Milky Way once or twice in my life. So. If it is a clear night when you read this, just go take a peek at the stars. It's cold, so don't stay too long. But.. enjoy it.
Take in every bit of God's creative masterpieces.
Appreciate His work. :)

{image courtesy of Google}