I am thoroughly excited about Harmony Highlands Singing School.
I am currently packing for Harmony Highlands Singing School.
woohoo. for. Harmony Highlands Singing School.



I like trees....
I like to draw....
So it's no suprise, that when I get bored during school
(oh no, of course it's not when I should be paying attention!)
I open up my school planner....
and begin to draw...
This trend of drawing a new tree each week began in October.
It lasted until May.
So here's the outcome of this:

(I had to constantly remind myself to study...as you can see)

Apparently my philosophy was if I make it pretty, I'll remember...
(didn't always work)
So...Hope you enjoy this little....something.

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Do you call them Fireflies or Lightning Bugs?
...I call them lightning bugs.
And, is it just me, or does there seem to be even more this year than the last?
I personally love them.
I walked downstairs the night before last and looked out the front door.
There they were.
It seemed like there were hundreds of them!
All lighting up, then fading away....light up!.......fade away...
It was absolutely beautiful :)


The Widow Tree.

The Widow Tree.
I like to believe that this tree here below
Was a Husband and Wife.
They grew up together,
they grew strong.
Together, they made the perfect tree.
A tree which held so many memories.....
far too many to even begin.
But this beautiful marriage tree has brought countless smiles to children's faces..
so many family pictures.
just. memories.
It was one of the oldest and coolest trees in this dear old neighborhood.
This is it now.
Now it is just the Widow Tree..
and I'm afraid without her old partner, she won't last very long...
It's just not the same...
I know you may think, "oh shut up, it's just a tree"
but it defined our back yard..
my favorite tree..



I'm home.
I love the smell when you've been gone for a while,
then you walk in the door...
...and it's just HOME.
I LOVE that smell.

vacations are good...
but there's just something about home.
home home home home home.
i could say it all day.

have a beautiful day!