Here We Go Again......


Here we go again with the whole "blog thing"

I have a hard time keeping up with a journal.......not so sure a thing that's basically an internet journal will be much better, but we'll see!

you know what's a bit odd?
well, since you asked, I find it humorous that i'm acting like i'm actually talking to someone, but in all honesty, probably no one will read this blog with the exception of my dear Charlie.

Charlie (a.k.a. Mary-John, a.k.a. Awesome, a.k.a. Captain Random-crazy-face-girl-with-the-hair-girl, a.k.a. my best friend. ever. :D)

aaaaaaaand.......she's racist. except not really for any strangers who might be creepy and stalking me, because i've told no one but Charlie, therefore, no other human being should know about this blog. soooooooooo my point is to stop stalking me.

And to start this blog off with some good news, I have the part as "Amy" in Little Women, which Franklin High is doing. I'm not satisfied with the previous statement. Little Women is going to be a small, student directed play. aaaaaaaanyways.

The Point Of This Blog Is To Write Every Word With A Capital Letter. not really.......that was stupid.....sorry.

Also, another side note, I can't take credit for the brilliant title of my blog, my witty friend Charlie hath madeth it...eth.

so, good day to you all!