Anybody for some pictures??

We went to the beach a couple weeks ago, and yes, we had to do the white t-shirt beach photos... (the quality is kinda bad, just from being uploaded)
So here's the result of that:

Mama: "Okay, now get closer, put your faces all together... Jordan, get closer!!"

Our thoughts: Smile....smile.... it's almost over.....okay, you've taken 34 of the same

picture....are we done yet? ...... I hate this part of the beach.........

Yes, we are one of those families who wears the white shirts.

Quick! Run while you can!

Our beautiful parents

Sweet, now it's time for those awkward self portraits where your entire family is staring at you...

We finally captured a real smile

Like I said.... a little awkward...

The gorgeous addition to our family :)

Now THIS is a favorite! ^

..And so starts the fun....

The boy finally had a good idea

We like to jump.

I hope you've enjoyed these, we had fun taking them....well, most of the time :)


amelie said...

those aren't awkward! you're beautiful in them. your whole family is. i love the belly one. too cute.

Whitney said...

Jordan's self portrait is VERY good.
And J.D. and Katie...dang! Baby River!!!

Saura Lnow said...

those are REALLY good pictures
...your family is beautiful =)