Merry Christmas to all!
well... on Friday :)
So maybe it's a bit early for this... BUT anyways...
I felt I needed to post.
I'm about to go visit my niecy :) she's so precious.
I'm missing people. like. a LOT.
But, I get to see them Wednesday!
I desperately need to snuggle... judge me if you will... but i love to snuggle, and there's no changing that... (like y'all REALLY needed to know that)
These past few days have been fun though.
Friday I went with Caleb, Felicia, Sawyer (caleb's ex roomie)
and we went to a record store.
one word:
or another word:
Seriously, I could have easily blown 100 dollars in records. Easy.
They had so many amazing ones!!
I only spent 20 dollars though.. a bit expensive,
but so worth it for the Coldplay Parachutes album!!
Oh it sounds devine, beautiful. Happiness on a turntable :)
And Caleb bought me a Muse record for Christmas, it is really good too.
aaaaaaah I know what I'm asking for for my birthday!
That night a few girls from school got together and we had a little dinner party,
and lemme tell you... there were tons and tons of laughs and sore stomachs!
Girls Only.
the boys had a "Brodown" somewhere else
while the girls had a "Hodown" ha... ha.. get it? ok... sorry bout that..
but anyways.
Then Saturday was a relaxing day and I spent the night at another friend's house..
Today Church!
There were 12 (+1 almost here!) babies/youngsters, and at least 70 people there!
It was a huge crowd! and a great service.
Afterwards we made christmas cards and baskets for the sick and
elderly, while singing Christmas songs.. it was great :)
So I hope everyone is going to have a blessed and happy Christmas and New Year! (just in case I don't post before then)

One of the pictures from our early Christmas :)
(our tree was more crooked, but they fixed it... it was so funny!)

Best Friends: I miss you. I love you. I'll see you soon.

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Johnnie said...

miss you too! i cant wait to see you. i'm wrapping y'alls presents now. :)