Got any favorite songs are artists right now?
Leave a comment.
Let me know :)


elliebird said...

i'm about to come alive - train

dance 'round the memory tree - oren lavie...or anything by him, actually.

but for now & all at sea - jamie cullum

war - bounty hunter

JET! love them.

nothing i can do - ben taylor

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time picking just one, but I have a few favorite artists.
Ray LaMontagne
Eddie Vedder
Ryan Adams
City and colour

They Call Me Thumper said...

I'm on a NTB/ Relient K kick right now

but I'm with Ellie on the Oren Lavie song (I can actually play that one on the guitar it's fabulous I love it)

Whitney said...

Soooo I think I already gave you a list, love.
live on music.

chelsea rebecca said...

well neutral milk hotel is a must! and andrew bird!
the time is now- asha ali
the weepies
lifted- lemonade
the beach boys. always
hey- the pixies
someone great- LCD soundsystem

okay so that is the most random mix of artisits and songs but its what came to my head. hopefully you might like some of them!!

Max-Frederick said...

AH! i love em all!
Keep em comin,
thank y'all so much!

Margaretta said...

carla bruni (first lady of france, incidentally)

far, by regina spektor (can't. . . stop . . . listening to it. . .)

and i'm on a blossom dearie rampage!!!