San Antonio

My family and I are flying to San Antonio tomorrow..
Did I mention it was my first time flying in an airplane?
First time?
As in, I was planning to go my whole entire life without flying on an airplane.......
Not really.
But why are you going to San Antonio??
Some of you know my brother, Jordan, left for basic training, (he's in the Airforce, special forces)
Well, his original ship out date was June 22... but that got pushed back.
His original graduation date was August 20, so of course, we bought plane tickets for that weekend.
.....non-refundable tickets...
So he doesn't graduate until September 23 now, but we thought we'd make a family trip out of it anyways... so here we go!

Ooooh pray for me please :)

Have a great day!

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Whitney said...

and you loved it.