Let's not forget what it's really about.
Okay, that's cheesy, everyone says that. But seriously...
Take a minute and just reflect.
Jordan came home on Tuesday!!
Pritchett Family Christmas last night, i LOVE it. There's so many people, so many babies now! It's absolutely wonderful. And, as always, the "gigglers" (MJ, Whitt, and myself) exchanged gifts with each other. Everything was WONDERFUL.
I hope y'all enjoy these great holidays :)
We are way beyond blessed, it's truly incredible!
God bless :)

Oh... p.s. here's some pictures...
Our beautiful tree
(thanks clear creek christmas tree farm)

A Classic. sugar cookies..

Caleb got creative with his.... ^
Yep. he's headless...

I made an evil one too.
(he made half of the cookies on the pan fall off)


Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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Nasada said...

Your welcome.

I guess ;)