Those days

Yesterday was one of those days where I was very distracted by my thoughts. I would have much rather gone outside in the wonderful weather and to journal and think. But instead I was stuck within the walls of Volker Hall. I just have many things I need to figure out and think through. I just never give myself the time to do so. I'm saddened by some thoughts, tortured by others, and joyed by some. But I just can't help but to be overwhelmed by the goodness of God and all the blessings he's given not just to me, but with everyone close to me. How can someone dwell with those sad thoughts when there is just so much to be thankful for?? I think it's healthy to feel pain, and it somehow brings us closer to God and forces us to rely fully on him. When it becomes bad is when we let it consume us. It just all becomes the building blocks of who we are (wow Chelsea... that was cheesy).

Someone said this recently, and I just thought it was a beautiful way to look at it.

"it still hurts even if you dont want someone.
like theres a hole and it takes a little time to fill it'
so it feels strange for a bit,
so you wait. and then one day you realize you're use to it....and then a little while later you realize it's filled in
and sometimes it leaves a scar and sometimes it doesnt"

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em said...

Not cheesy. not even in the slightest. :)