Late Nights

Sometimes I sit on the couch in our living room late at night, surrounded by the white twinkle lights, the only one awake at this late hour.. and then not wanting to get off the couch, because I have to be the one to turn off all the lights and make sure everything is secure for the night (and I'm scared of the dark.. get at me bro). Anyways.. doing what I do best and procrastinating this mini research paper I should be working on that's due tomorrow, I wandered back over to my blog. I realized the last post was very discouraging. Not too long after I wrote that, I had a sort of "come to Jesus meeting" with myself. I realized I was not living up to my potential. at all. I've been consumed with all of this worldliness--school, social media, relationships, vanity, and everything else. So what am I living for?? Well. The answer is simple. I'm living to honor God in all that I do. But I wasn't doing that. I wasn't acting this out. It's often so easy to just go through each day, and not realize the immense blessing God gives us every single day. It's a magnificent blessing to wake up again and see the sunshine. This in itself should be enough to rejoice in everyday! So I decided to use and appreciate what God has given me. And while I've come off of that high a little bit, there's still this rejuvenated sense of why I'm doing what I'm doing right now. Nursing school kind of sucks sometimes, but every minute is worth it. And God is truly showing me SO much through this experience. And I'm thankful for every minute. 

Also, in honor of the time I use to have to take pictures, here were a few favorites.
A few ordinaries, and a few travels.
 My brothers, the wannabe models

 River, not much more needs to be said about this crazy child :)

Here they are again, my favorite boys.

The simple joys of life in both of these.

The lighting in this was a nice accident

The streets of Edinburgh

Such beautiful places to visit

this place and this girl

P.S. at this moment, it is about 7:30 am in Rome, Italy right now. It's weird that I'm getting ready to go to bed, and Mary-John is probably getting up and ready for the day.  I'm missing my best friend so much. 

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Amy said...

Love the pictures! Especially "simple" ones and the one of my brothuh. ;)

Hang in there Chels. Nursing school makes you think you'll never have a life again and that you are incapable of ever taking care of a real person...but then you graduate and you get a job and you get your OWN way of working rolling and you realize that it is the PERFECT job for you.