More Black & Whites

While I am by no means a professional photographer, I do enjoy shooting my film camera. Film has a way of capturing the essence of life in a way that digital can't always achieve. I am absolutely not dissing digital photography, because that takes a great amount of talent to capture life with those photos--I'm just not patient enough to figure that out haha. But I just love the delayed gratification of waiting to see how your pictures will turn out. Sometimes you've shot the photograph at exactly the wrong moment and what you thought would be an amazing picture turns out to be sort of awkward. And then sometimes you are surprised with a decent looking picture. 
Either way, I have an appreciation for the moments captured and a small memory comes along as I remember where I was and who I was with during the photo. 

 The simple happiness of friendship, captured right here :)


 The cutest.

 This is one that I probably just completely forgot to focus, but I like the accident.

He had no idea I was taking this.

 Lovely Birmingham.

 I had completely forgotten I'd taken this. Another nice suprise of happy people.

 Boo and River, adventuring together.

 Whitney + Garrett


Taylor, in her perfect happy place.


River, running straight for me.. aaaah!


My #1 man forever, no matter what that other boy thinks ;)

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