About time....

I figured it was about time I post once more...

I think my previous post scared some people...it didn't mean anything, I promise..

So....A couple weeks ago I sat down at the computer and began to write a post about sailing.

I got distracted...and we all know how that goes, so I ended up not finishing the post and still haven't posted since then...I think it's a bit ridiculous. Forgive me.

I suppose I should tell y'all about the sailing.

School was out for fall break, so of course, where do we go? Alabama. and that is completely fine with me. I love going to Alabama! I wish i could be there now, in fact.

So we went down friday. Saturday we (the girls) had plans to have a photoshoot. BUT, Uncle John fixed the sailboat motor, so plans were changed and we went sailing.

On the sailboat: Uncle John, Maggie, Mary-John, Emily Hutchins, and myself

So we set off on our journey around noon, and we were out there for hours, even though it only seemed like half an hour. Either way, it was so much fun, just the simplicity, and no distractions. We played M.A.S.H. oh boy. THAT was interesting. We just talked, laughed, ate Jack's fried chicken (oh so good) and helped uncle John by undoing the rope at the right times.....(which I failed at...the easiest thing, and I messed up.)

We almost fell off the boat a few times, even though Uncle John said the boat was impossible to fliip (he never said anything about the people being impossible to flip off... )

And we tested Uncle John's judgement of distance; we sailed under Duncan Bridge. and we made it without hitting the bottom of the bridge. On the way back, we turned the motor on and at one point Maggie steered, and so did Mary-John...(she almost killed us.....) (....) (......ok not really. She did really well.... good job johnnie).

On the way back, we decided to drop in on the Porter family. Even though we were almost there, Maggie was still debating whether to actually go or not.............. we ended up going.

At the Porter's, we only planned on staying very shortly.........but we were convinced into staying for dinner...and then we stayed until 9:30...

We all pitched in while making dinner, which was homemade pizza (oh.....my.....sooooo good!) and then later some of us walked through the christmas trees and to the tree house.

the handle for the zip line (is that what it's called?) broke while Ryan was testing it...obviously that was a failed test. We laughed, until it clicked in our heads that he could've gotten hurt. (he was ok.) Then we walked back, and hung out for a bit longer until we had to leave.

So overall, that weekend was absolutely amazing.

I had to go back home.

I left my glasses at the wayward house for girls....and Brett (a.k.a. the Blevins' household)

We performed Romeo & Juliet

And almost a month later we're back in Alabama. (!!!!)

I skipped school on Friday and we came down early. As usual it was SO great to be back.

This was last weekend and also the November meeting at Zion Rest PBC.

Elder Glen Blanchard preached, and it was just amazing preaching.

Saturday night we went to the Kitchens' house and we had lots of fun with everyone there.

-Today is Saturday.

--It's been ONE week

---Since the meeting.....

----It's been FIVE weeks

-----Since the sailboat/porters

And hopefully Monday or Tuesday I will be back in Alabama.
We will once more make fond memories.


-I put records up on my wall

-I haven't been coughing as much as yesterday (and as I type this I cough, seriously, I'm coughing.)

-My lips are chapped

-Me and my friend Kari went to see Twilight. (which was sooo good, btw)

-I came home and have been trying to write this post

-You can stop reading now, because it's probably not very interesting, and it's pretty long.

wait, wait, keep reading.

Calvin is so incredibly intelligent for a 6 year-old.

Have a nice day, thank you so very much for reading, sorry it is so long....
(comment if you would like to :D)


Max-Frederick said...

I didn't realize it was THIS long...

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you like Calvin?! wow. one more reason to like you.

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that's...that's really sweet :)

...(goal #12 achieved: Be liked by amy porter)

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wow........and you said nobody comments on your blog.... you lied... to ME??... gaa