I'm dreaming of a white...(2 weeks before)....Christmas...

So, I really need to fix this....I've been slacking off on my blogger responsibilities.
I should be punished.....maybe my parents will ground me from school, so that I can really devote my time to blogging, and learning the responsibility of...journaling.

Speaking of Journaling....
Last night it began to snow. Well, I'll just tell you everything in great detail that happened..
Friday and Saturday were suppose to be our performance days for "A Franklin Christmas", which was showing 2 plays, Gift of the Magi and Little Women (I'm playing Amy in Little Women), but anyways, last night was our dress rehearsal, and when we finished, other people starting yelling "it's snowing!! it's snowing!!" Little did we know that the slushy rain-snow would turn into a storm of white flakes, quickly covering the ground (and the roads) with a blanket of white. As Jordan said, "i think it covered the ground in 30 seconds, that's how fast it came," mind you, he started out saying it took 3 minutes, and changed it to 30 seconds...a little exaggerating... :)
anyways....where was I? oh right.
So everyone at the theater was shocked because we NEVER get snow this early. never. So much for Global Warming*
So everyone hoped we'd get out of school for our small amount of snow...and we did. I think it was a good day off for everyone before our exams next week.
Now the sun is waking up and starting to melt the snow...So I think I'll go make some snowballs or something to throw at my brothers when they wake up and all the snow is gone..
if only I had a twin to enjoy this with.... who lived here........in Tennessee.......with me...........

*I heard on the radio the other day that the UN said Global Warming is definitely a fact ...despite the fact that there are twice as many scientists that say it's NOT real that say it is................it made me laugh.

Bon apres-midi!!

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