Triple Threat

So one day Katie gave her wedding rings to me to hold before she cut hair, and being silly I put them on my own left ring finger.
Weeeeellll, then I guess that idea at all frightened JD so much that he somewhat angrily said, "Take that off right now."
So I did.
But then that started the conversation of what it would take for a man to be able to marry me:

1) He must outact Caleb

2) He must outrun Jordan

3) He must beat up JD

With these musts I don't know if I'll ever get married....
Oh well, and I guess I have to love him, that would be helpful
So if y'all know anyone would could possible reach these requirements please name them in my comments :)

Have a beautiful day!
Enjoy the warm!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha yeah mr.scott,our pastor,said the same thing with his youngest daughter...not those three but diff "reasons"

Anonymous said...

anddddddddd ryan..maybe..and caleb..:D

Amy said...

Anna beat me.
....... but being perfectly honest... i don't know about the acting part.

Max-Frederick said...

well maybe not so much outact as out... uh... be funnier...

thanks for the suggestions! :)

Johnnie said...

*cough* *cough* dilbert.....er.


hey, hey, but ttyyllerrr can outguitar them all!

Whitney said...

I'm so glad I'm not a boy.

Max-Frederick said...

why is that whitt?