About time...

I've been meaning to post..
and then after reading the breakfast table and then conversing with my dear johnnie, I realized I should post more often than I do.
If one is on the computer, one should perform productive tasks, but why not also have fun also?

Blogging is fun, right??

See, that depends on how you look at it (as with most things)

It's all about keeping up the routine... let's see, I once heard a statistic that if you keep up a certain routine for (i think it was) 30 days, you're more likely to keep that routine constant..... I'm sure it works with just 14 or 15 days also...

So what exactly am I trying to say?

Blog often.
And then eventually it will become so much easier.
And not so much of a chore!

(inspired by johnnie... whose name i can never spell right when typing... it always comes out as "johniie" or "joniiee")

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