I planted some sunflowers around various parts of the house and garden, and it makes me so happy to see them already sprouting from the ground :)
It will be Sunflowers Galore!

Hokay, so this weekend we went to the lake.....It rained all weekend. But it gave me good reason to work on whitney's birthday present, which I cannot disclose the details of.
Anyways, So it was a fun time to spend with family, playing scrabble.

Does anybody else get sudden jolts of excitement and are not able to control yourself for about 6 seconds??
Well, yeah, that's me, thinking about singing school...thinking about packing for singing school....which ironically, I like packing for singing schools....I guess it's just a little peek at what greatness is to come!
So the sleeping situation for the girls is sketchy, but aside from that, I think it will be super fun this year!
Johnnie and I are going to be the middle school team captains
Whitney and Maitlyn are going to be the little kids captains!
I'm looking forward to everything: Devotions, praising God, singing, people, everything!

So, while I unpack from the lake and wash and repack for singing school, you should have a phenominal day today!

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Saura Lnow said...

Okay just gonna throw this out there since you're packing....don't forget you tennis shoes this year =)