This weather is driving me a little bit crazy.. just because it'll be sunny, then 5 minutes later it's pouring down rain again...
I wish I had my best friend with me to play in the rain.. :)

Tonight we went to Olive Garden for Caleb's birthday dinner, and it was absolutely delicious!
And the waiter had the cutest glasses! (he was pretty cute too shhhh...)

This picture is just cute, don't you think?


boots said...

hey lady! i just bought rain boots this weekend! yay! anyhoo, thansk for your comments about my cards, i am glad you like them! <3

Anonymous said...

....its not supposed to stop raining until thursday

i AM going to go crazy

Whitney said...

Boo rain. I LOVE rain. I just like it mixed in with lovely sunshine!

I'm glad I had a bit of a break from it :D