Welcome Fall!!!

Today is officially the first day of Fall. TODAY.
I'm so excited for that chill in the air which tells you to put a sweater and tights on.
(i mean... you'd wear more than just a sweater and tights, of course)
But layers. Layers are wonderful!!
I'm so excited!!
Just for fall in general!
I've already done 2 other posts on autumn.
I'm glad seasons change... because I love spring, but soon I'm anticipating Summer, and I want summer to last.......i want there to still be no school, but i'm tired of the hot weather... so i'm ready for the cooler weather (if only the events of summer would last throughout the WHOLE year!!!)
Dearest Fall,
please hurry, and then last for a while :)

and...........Katie's due date is tomorrow.... but it doesn't look like she'll be going into labor.
Please pray for the both of them!


elliebird said...

Yes! Layers! I can't wait for layers!
I think I'm most excited about boots, tights, and bomber jackets. Yesss...

Whitney said...

AHHHH!!! FALLL! You know what that means? (I'm gonna continue the clothing excitement)
Boots! Leather Jackets! Beanies! PLAID (but it's flannel now :D)! Tights! Tall socks! Gloves! Scarves! Oh.
And Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks! Yes!
And football.
And just that fall sunshine. Please come and become forever.

Elly May said...

oh fall.... *sigh*

I'm still layering tank tops.. :P
but I do hope your cool weather comes my way, please do share :)

Saura Lnow said...

Haha time to start looking for crunchy leaves!
I've realized this week how much I miss wearing sweaters and long sleeves.
....I think I'm addicted to hoodies =D