How many times have I come to my blog for reasons of procrastination?
...a lot...

how many times have I said.. I HATE PROJECTS?!
...probably quite a bit...
How many times have I said.. tomorrow is my last full normal day
of my junior year of highschool?

Is it weird that people I've grown up with,
both in and out of Franklin, are graduating??
...heck yeah...

Do I find it odd and slightly (a lot) scary that
I'll be a senior... and I'll have to start applying
to colleges, and make decisions, and by this
time next year I'll be getting ready to graduate?!

And I just gotta keep reminding myself to put all these worries in God's hands...
He's got my back :)
...and that gives me comfort.

So Have a beautiful day.
{and don't procrastinate!!!}
{especially on important things like research papers!!}

{p.s.! i made chamber choir :D}


Hair-Bo said...

Oh man. Amen to that about research papers. BIG TIME.
This was a great post. You're awesome ;)

Whitney said...


Girl. Ize scared too. Let's be scared together.

elliebird said...

way to go chamber choir!

ViS!T0R said...


The same exact things are going thru my head!! Its hard not to worry. But hearing about some one else having the same issue or problem (whatever) is comforting.

....So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad your nervous and freaking out!!