Flood of the Century...

This past weekend, the Franklin/Nashville area (along with other places in tennessee and mississippi) recieved SO SO SO much rain.
So much rain that many rivers got overwhelmed and had to flood.
I was down in Birmingham during all this, mind you.
So Saturday night i was texting Jordan, and he was jokin around,
"I'm about ready to build an ark"
and then a little later I asked how things were goin, and he said....
"The National Guard had to come in to evacuate people"

Haha Jordan, he's a jokester.

or not.
he was serious.

The National Guard was coming in and getting people from the back of the neighborhood.
Our house was fine, thank goodness, but there are so many people affected by this..
Please keep everyone in your prayers!

It's always inspiring to see people come together, willing to get dirty and sweaty and nasty,
just to help out their neighbor, to come and volunteer and give a helping hand.
It shows that there is still some good in this world :)

Now, like I said, our house was fine... but unfortunately,
Our favorite tree, one of the most unique trees.....

....fell.. :(

part of it did....

Here we are taking one of the many many family photos in front of this tree..

This winter during the big snow
(another crazy weather event... what's up with this weather?)

And I wish I had uploaded my camera photos, but here's one from my phone...
you can see it just kinda sank over...
poor tree....

I would love to get a thick slice of the tree and make a table with it...
that way we'd always have a little part of it with us :)

So please remember to pray, and have a beautiful day!!


Whitney said...

The tree :(

Can I have a table too?

chelsea rebecca said...

aww NOOO! the poor tree!!! that breaks my heart.
i seriously can't believe what has happened! little franklin! and glorious nashville!!! its so terribly sad. i was in knoxville and i just sat at my computer watching video after video and seeing picture after picture of all the damage and of the flood and it was so intense!!!
hope your family and your house is okay!!!

and yeah i still don't fully understand geometry.. maybe i shouldn't of sat in the back and talked the whole time! haha!!

Anonymous said...

for reals! make everyone a tree1
I should send asa up there! :D

ViS!T0R said...

Ahh! Tree... I didn't even know him and I miss him. (Or her)

I'm really happy that your house is ok (obviously). I saw many pictures myself and it was really sad.