One of those days..

Meaning, one of those good days.
There was nothing specifically spectacular about it...
But it was just good.
Isn't it amazing just how much weather affects your mood?
Today it was slightly cool, and SUNNY.
It was just wonderful.
I went into Urban Outfitters today and I couldn't help but...
well... laugh to myself about what I saw.
I saw all those indie kids trying to be cool and non-conformist....
...wearing patterned high-waisted skirts some cool shoes, neat hair..
Hey, I like that look, someone once told me I was indie, so i'm not bashing.
But just sayin... they were so similarly "different".
I still like Urban Outfitters, don't worry.
River is almost one year old now... whhhat?!
She has decided to learn a new language, all her own.
it's so cute.
Musician's Corner at Centennial Park was today..
it's so relaxing... any of you in the Nashville area, it's every saturday from 3-6!
And we finished off the day in a beautiful church building with an uplifting sermon.
Wonderful :)
Hope your day was as equally delightful!

And by the way, this is also very happy.


Hair-Bo said...

that could possibly be the most super awesometistic music video. ever. I really want to make one similar for Hot Air Balloon by Owl City. Except use stuffed animals.

Word verification - coric (i'm kinda thinkin' that might make a cool name.)

Whitney said...

My promo girl!


and I agree of the conformists who are DIFFERENT.
Face the facts, the "indie" look isn't different, it's just a style that some people choose to wear.
and right now it's kind of the "in" thing.
*steps down off of soap box*

ViS!T0R said...

Thats funny. I just watched that Strawberry Swing video for the first time like 5 days ago. I think its my favorite Colplay song for now... Which is almost as bad as making Viva La Vida my favorite I know... But I just really like Strawberry Swing.