Yellow Overalls

This is what Jordan drew on my chalkboard before he left.... awesome, isn't it?

I found some yellow overalls in my closet today....
I once wore them for a play in 6th grade... and I kinda love em.
I don't know that i'd actually wear them. Maybe if they weren't the shorts overalls I'd wear them.
We'll see.
One week from Thursday, we'll get to see Jordan!!!
You don't know how excited I am...
Today was a half day... but man, it felt like a whole day at school...
This post is slowly dwindling, I have nothing important to say today.
Except that I hope you have a wonderful day :)


Hair-Bo said...

You should!!! YELLOW SHORTS OVERALLS???? How could it get any awesomer?

wv - ingeous

Hair-Bo said...

take a pic of them and send it to me.

wv - logose

Whitney said...

:) :) Jordan sooooonnnn!!!
That moon and sun are so flippin' awesome!

Margaretta said...

chelsea. how can there be any doubt on this subject.

you must wear the overalls.

preferably with flats and some cute knee-high socks.