At last...

I didn't think it would come so soon... but here it is...
My last day of high school (Lord willing, I don't have to take any of my exams) is tomorrow.
Some people aren't going tomorrow, because well, they just don't have to.
I guess I technically don't have to either, but I can't imagine not coming on my last day.
It's the last time I will ever be in high school again.
School itself will never be the same.
It's so bittersweet.
Bitter, because this means I have to move on with my life, grow up a little more, take more responsibility, move away from home, and also part ways from the people I've grown up with.
Sweet, because no more high school, no more ridiculous rules, and it's opening a new "chapter"
I still don't feel old enough to be graduating, much less a high school student.
Anyways, I'll stop before I go overboard with the sentimental junk.
But. I can't believe it. Summer is almost here.

p.s. what is up with this COLD weather??

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